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1914 - 1918    
Harry Asquith   Harry was born in 1880 in Dewsbury, the son of William and Elizabeth Ann. Harry in the census of 1901 was 21 years old and employed as an assistant in an outfitters, while his father was a bankers clerk.  The family at this time were living at Soothill, Batley.  Harry enlisted in Pontefract where he joined the HLI as Pte., 241993.  By this time he was married to Emma Alice and living in Ackworth.  He was KIA on 12 October 1918, only a few short weeks before the end of war.  He is remembered at Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay.
Edwin Beckett   Edwin was born in Knutton, Lancashire and enlisted at Ackworth Moor Top where he joined the RFA and became Dvr., 41542.  He married Emily and the family lived at Pleasant View, Bracken Hill, Ackworth. He died on 3 August 1918 aged 27 and is buried in All Saints Churchyard, Ackworth.
Joseph Boocock   Joseph was born in Ackworth and enlisted in Pontefract. On his enlistment he stated that he lived in Wakefield.  He joined the York and Lancashire Regt., as 16166.  He was KIA on 10 May 1917 and is remembered on the Arras Memorial along with over 35000 identified casualties.
Ernest Breward   Ernest was the son of James and Pheobe, who in 1901 were living at 8 Globe Yard, Westgate, Wakefield.  Ernest worked in a worsted mill and his father was a chimney sweep.  Ernest enlisted in Pontefract where he joined the KOYLI and became Pte., 22022.  He was KIA on 30 August 1915 aged 34.  He by this time had married a lady called Selina and they lived at Bell Lane Terrace, Ackworth.  He is remembered on the Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery with over 1000 other identified casualties.
Arthur Briggs   Arthur was the son of Fred and Hannah who lived at Albion Cottates, Low Ackworth.  Arthur enlisted in Ackworth where he like many others from the area joined the KOYLI.  He became Pte., 4891.  Arthur died of wounds on 19 August 1916 aged 27 and is remembered at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
Edwin Briggs   Edwin was the son of Arthur and Elizabeth of Low Green, Ackworth.  He enlisted in Pontefract, where he joined the West Yorkshire Regt., and became 55284.  He was later transferred to the DLI as 104095.  He was KIA on 17 September 1918 aged 21 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial
Edwin Briscoe   No information at this time
Edward Burland   Elias Burland was the son of Arthur and Olive of Bolton on Dearne.  He enlisted in Fitzwilliam where he joined the KOYLI as 12/838.  He married Clara and they lived at Higher Broughton.  Elias was KIA on 28 June 1916 aged 28 and is remembered on the Theipval Memorial to the Missing along with over 72000 other identified casualties.
Harry Burton    
Reginald Calvert    
John Cartwright    
John Chambers    
Edward V Clarke   Edward Vincent Clarke, born 1892, was the son of Thomas C and Annie of The Lymes, High Ackworth. In the 1901 census, Edward, his parents and 6 siblings are living on Halfpenny Lane, Tanshelf where Thomas worked as a Colliery Deputy. Edward served in the Hussars as 19444, but transferred to the Royal Irish Regt., and became Pte 11205. He Died of Wounds on 25 July 1916 aged 25 and rests in St Sever Cemetery, Rouen
Harry Clarkson    
F Clements    
Robert Coltart    
Thomas Wm. Cowling    
Ernest Cox    
Jim Crookes    
Harry Cutt    
Wilfred Cutt    
Mark Denton    
Charles D Dickinson    
Wm H Donbavand    
Walter Doughty    
George Drake    
John Ellis    
Ernest Everitt    
Harry Foster    
Harry W Graham    
Charles R Greenfield    
William Guy    
John Wm. Hames    
Hartley Harrison    
George Hirst    
David h Howitt    
Thomas Hughes    
Alan Kirk    
John W Kirk    
George L Kirkbride    
J William Lee    
Louis Lee    
T F Lee    
Harold Lowell    
Harry Meays    
Albert Murgatroyd MM  
John North MM  
Charles Norton    
James O'Hara    
John Outram    
Frank Parkin    
Alfred Parr    
John Th. Pesterfield    
Ralph Picken    
Percy W Pycock MM  
Herbert Ridsdale    
Douglas Seal    
S Gordon Sharpe    
Mathew F Smith MC  
Willie Stork    
Wilfred N Tempest    
Wilfred Terry    
Arthur Thorpe    
Joseph Tipling    
Martin Tipling    
Fred Turton    
Jack Turton    
Sidney B Turton    
Wilfred S Turton    
Thomas Walker    
William S Turton    
Thomas Walker    
William M Waller    
Alfert E Ward    
H Walter Ward    
William Warrener    
Clarence Weatherill    
Gordon Westrope    
Fred Wigglesworth    
Thomas Williams    
Alfred Wilson    
John H Wood    
1939 - 1945    
Pelam Allen    
Harry Brooke    
Arthur Bickley    
Herbert Bake    
Thomas Cawley    
Clifford Chapman    
Robert Chambers    
Frederick Derwick    
George Ellis    
Walter Farrand    
Basil Fieldsend    
John Gee    
Owen Garthwaite    
Stanley Greening    
Kenneth Hugill    
Kenneth Haigh    
Harry Harrison    
John Hague    
Arnold Hepworth    
Arthur Hilton    
Gwilym Hopwood    
Alfred Jenks    
Ronald King    
Kenneth O'Neill    
Terrence O'Neill    
Walter North    
Leonard Oakes    
Benjamin Pickering    
Henry I Richardson    
Jack Smith    
Cecil Sykes    
Joseph Scott    
Frederick Taylor    
Dorothy Wardell    
Cyril Warner    
Ronald Warner    
Harry Wilson 957    
Harry Wilson    
Leonard Wragg    


The men that worked for England they have their graves at home and bees and birds of England above the cross can roam.But they that fought for England, following a falling star. Alas, alas, for England they have their graves afar.

extract from a poem by G K Chesterton



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