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Rank Name Pte G Berry
Lt Col H G B Wilson O.B.E Sap Geoff Berry
Mjr Gerald Beaumont M.C. Pte A Berthley
Capt W J Shaw M.C.   W F Bland
  A F Stamp O.B.E.   W Bloomfield
Lt W E G Watts   C Bolland
CSM F Hurst   H Bolladn
Sgt Mgr G Ray   K Bolton
Sgt A Atkinson   H Boulby
  C E Barker M.S.M.   H Bradley
  W Daley M.M.   A Bradley
  A Dutton   C Bradley
  F Hibbert   M Brennon
  J Hopkins Gnr F Bromby
  H Keen Pte T S Brook
  E Lawton Gnr W Brown
  I Ray M.M. Pte J Burnage
  H Shipman M.M.   L Burrows
  H K Stamp Sap J Byrne
  H Stead Pte E Callighan
  C Stead M.M.   W Cammack
  T Walker   J Carlton
  R Whitehurst   A W Castle
  F Woodall   A J Cook
Bomr C Bettany   H Crane
Cpl C Berresford   F Creasey
  Ben Bolton M.M.   J Creasey
  N Bruce Gnr G Crossland D.C.M.
  H B Hartley Pte E Cullingworth
  T Hopkinson   J Darwell
Bomr J Howarth   H Davy
Cpl J Jowett   E Dean
  H Kirkby   C Denton
  J E Mellody   F Drake
  P Morley   W Dunham
  W Newby   J W Dudley
  P Oliver   E Dyson
  B Sabey   F Easingwood
  A Spencer   R Ellithorne M.M.
Bomr J Turner   A Exley
Cpl A Turnpenny   W Farmer
  C Ward   J Frost
Lc Cpl W Alexander   S Gamble
  F Barton   T Glendenning
  W H Skilleter   S Griffiths
  A E Yates   G Guy
Pte G ackley   A Guy
  J Amery   J Hall
  A Askey   T Hallagan
  W J Atkinson   L Hammerton
  E Atkinson   Leo Hammerton
  E Bannister   H Hardwick
? T L Barker   S Harling
? R Barker   P B Hartley
  C Barratt   W Hartley
  J Bastow   P Hartley
  A E Bayliss   J W Harris
  C A Bayliss   H Heeley
  H Bean   J Higson
? J Berry    
Pte G Hirst Pte G Schofield
  W Hirst   W Scott
  J Hobson   J W Sellers M.M.
  J W Hooley   A Sewell
  J Hodd   J W Sharpe
  R Horner   T Sharpe
  E Hughes   G Sharpe
  J Hurst   R Sharples
Sap L D Idle Tel G Sharples
Pte A Ingham Pte T Sherwood
  H Jackson   W Shorthouse
  W Jennings   J Simpson
  H Jones   J Sockett
Nurse Clara Jubb   T Sowerby
Pte G E King   J Stanley
  A King   M Stead
Gnr E Kirby   J Stead
Pte J E Lee   G Stephenson
  W Levitt   J Stevenson
  L Lodge Gnr F Stoner
  J Long Pte J Sunderland
  W Lunn   C Sweeney
Gnr F Machin Sap J W Sykes
A B G W Machin Pte W Taylor
Pte H Marchant   A Taylor
  W H Mellor   W Tetley
  F Middleton   P Tierney
  E Moisey   W L Townend
  G Morley   W Townend
  W Morley   T Townend
A B R Morley Gnr R Townsley
Pte J Mountain Pte W Turner
A B J E Needham   H Turner
Pte ? F Nichol   A O Turver
  E Oliver   T Walton
  J W Pacey   A Ward
  H Pease   W Ward
  S Pedley   F Watrson
  J H Pedley   J White
  W Penton   A White
  N Pine   A Whiteley
  B Pitchfork   E Whiteley
  F Poole   G H Whiteley
  R Poole   W H Whiteman
  W Raby   D H Whitemnan
  R L Rea   R Whitehurst
  G REad   S Wicking
  A Robinson   J Williamson
  W Roberts   H Williamson
  L Rose M.M.   E Withey
  H Rothwell   E Wood
  E Rothwell   J Woodall
  H Roydhouse   G Woodcock
  A Roydhouse   W Woodcock
  W Rushton    
  A Rushton    
  R Salter    
  J W Salter    
  F Scally M.M.    








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