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Burials at St Paul's Church LEEDS YKS

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N: = number W/of = wife of H/of = Husband of S/of = son of

D/of daughter of S/W = single woman


CLOSE Thomas D:9th & Bu:13th Jan 1796 34yrs Fever

Merchant & Adjutant to the Corps of Volunteer Infantry in Leeds

TURNER Joshua D:22nd Bu:25th Aug 1796 64yrs age & weakness Merchant

CARRUTHERS Elizabeth D:29th Sep 1796 27yrs Fever W/of Edward Lieut in Marines

CALVERY Charles D:20th Bu:23 Oct 1796 1yr S/of John ESQ Alderman



STROTHER Thomas D:1st Bu:6th Jun 1798 75yrs

ATKINSON Mary D:22 Jul 1798 48yrs at Kippax paralytic stroke

Most dear & valuable w/of the Rev Miles Atkinson Minster of St Paul's

BERWICK William D:21st Bu 27th Sept 1798 40yrs Tobacconist


SMYTH John Esq. D:25th Mar Bu:25th 1799 60yrs Of Holbeck NR Leeds

CALVERY William D:9th Apr 1799 8yrs Fever He D: at school at Heald Hall nr Birstall &

Bu: 9th Apr in the family vault S/of john Esq. alderman

BROWN Martin D:3rd Bu:6th May 1799 86yrs old age Gent of Leeds


HODGSON Eliza D:20 Bu:24th Feb 1800 19yrs consumption D/of William

master of a academy in Park Row Leeds

SENIOR Sarah D:2nd Bu:4th Jul 1800 51yrs infirmities S/W vault 1

BARWICK John D:15th Bu: 18th Jul 1800 60yrs Decline Surgeon & apothecary of East Parade

SAGAR Harriet D:4th Bu:8th Nov 1800 8mth SmallPox D/of John Sexton at St Paul's

SHAW John D:22nd Bu:27th Dec 1800 7mth influenza S/of Joseph

Ironmonger Upperhead Row Butts Court Leeds


HEY John D:14th Bu;17th Jan 1801 24yrs consumption S/of Wm Esq. Alderman

REYNOLDS Frances D:25th Bu:31st Jan 1801 20yrs Consumption S/W

D/of William a hardware man of Briggate

BERWICK Mary D:31st Jan Bu:5th Feb 24yrs consumption W/of John a tobacconist

At the same one of there children Betty who had been Bu: in St

Johns was re Bu: with her

HEY Richard D:19th Bu:21st Mar 1801 9mth Cough S/of William Jun surgeon

SAWYER Jane D:23rd Bu:27th Mar 1801 20yrs consumption S/W

BERWICK James D:20th Bu:22nd Apr 1801 3yrs Small pox S/of John tobacconist in Leeds

NELSON Benson D:15th Bu:21st May 1801 26yrs decline Merchant S/of Clement.

TOTTIE Jane D:17th Bu:18th June 1801 55yrs W/of William a Clerk


BRIDGES Margaret D:25th Jan Bu:1st Feb 1802 71yrs old age

Sis/of Mrs. Joshua Turner " widow"

TEALE Matthew D: Mon 15th Bu: 18th Mar 1802 33yrs decline a mercer

SADLER Maria D: 8th Bu: 10th Apr 1802 24yrs child birth

W/of Benjamin a mercer & linen draper

HEY Robert D: 14th Bu: 17 May 1802 23yrs consumption .

S/of William bro/of John d: 1801

Lawton David D: 7th Bu: 9th June 1802 9yrs fever

S/of David organist at St Peters & St Paul's

BERWICK William D: 21st bu: 23rd June 1802 9yrs measles

S/of john a tobacconist


SHAW Elizabeth D: 24th Bu: 26th Feb 1803 6yrs scarlet fever

D/of Joseph a ironmonger Upperhead Row.

HOLMES Ann D: 5th Bu: 8th March 1803 70yrs palsy

W/of Henry breeches maker back of the Shambles

RUSSEL William D: 4th Bu: 9th March 1803 16yrs inflammation on the lungs

S/of Thomas Gent of East Parade

HOLDWHEDE John Frederick D: 9th Bu: 12th May 1803 2yrs worm fever

S/of Frederick a merchant of Park Sq

REINHARDT Samuel D: 19th Bu: 23rd 1803 11 mths inflammation on the lungs

S/of Johann Christian


Burials at St Paul's Church LEEDS YKS

STROTHER Mary D:8th Bu:11th Aug 1804 19yrs consumption

D/of Thomas dec# merchant

AARON Elizabeth D:31st Oct Bu: 4th Nov 1804 19yrs consumption

D/of John of Newland in P/G/Pr of Drax nr Selby


FOSTER John D: 24th Bu:24th 1805 3days born before its time

S/of Rev Mr William curate at St Paul's

HEY Isabella D: 3rd Bu:6th Aug 1805 36yrs decline.

W/of William Jn surgeon in Leeds

BOTTOMLEY Thomas D: 19th Bu:21st Aug 1805 consumption wine merchant

HODGSON William D:2nd Bu 5th Sept 1805 56yrs impaired constitution & age

READE Ann D: 5th Bu: 7th Oct 1805 61yrs infirmities of age widow

INKERSLEY Elizabeth D: 11th Bu:13th Oct 1805 6mths/ complaint in the bowels

D/of Thomas


THOMPSON William D:27th Dec 05 Bu:1st Jan 1805 32yrs asthma distiller in London

GLOVER Samuel D:23rd Bu: 26th Jan 1806 63yrs water in the chest

Tobacconist of little Woodhouse NR Leeds.

BANCROFT READE Ann D:4th Bu: 6th Apr 1806 14 mths complaint in the mesentery

D/of Thomas merchant

SMITH Elizabeth D:5th BU: 7th Apr 1806 50yrs influenza

W/of John attorney at law Leeds

STOREY William Edward D: 30th May Bu: 1st Jun 1806 23yrs infirm constitution

S/of Thomas merchant

WOOLSTAPLER Ralph Rider D:11th Bu:16th Oct 1806 75yrs old age of Albion St

JAQUES Richard Lister D: 22nd Bu:27th Oct 1806 55yrs infirmities

Gent of East Parade Leeds

Rhodes William D:3rd Bu;4th Nov 1806 4yrs scarlet fever

S/of Abraham merchant in Leeds

Shaw Elizabeth D:12th Bu: 17th Nov 1806 33yrs consumption

W/of Joseph ironmonger

CALVERLEY Charles D:12th Bu:16th Dec 1806 14 yrs S/of John Esq Alderman

Found dead in bed at school at Heald's Hall.


COATES Henry Holmes D:25th Bu:28th March 1807 6yrs inflammation in the bowels

S/of Thomas .oilmam

MANKS James Amber D:2nd Bu:5th Apr 1807 10mths inflammation on the lungs

S/of James merchant NR Beeston

LAWTON David D:29th Apr Bu: 4th May 1807 inflammation on the lungs

Organist of St Peters & St Paul's


CRAWSHAW John D:2nd Bu 5th May 1808 infant S/of John iron merchant of Beeston

STOCKWOOD Francis D;5th Bu;7th May 1808 24yrs consumption

formally of Tooting Surrey only in Park Sq Leeds a few months

BERWICK John D:22nd Bu:25th Jun 1808 56yrs by the immediate hand of the

Almighty fit tobacconist of Call Lane Leeds

TOTTIE William D:25th Bu;29th Jun 1808 palsy age dresser Shipscar nr Leeds.

Burials at St Paul's Church LEEDS YKS 1808

PETTERSON Ann Maria D:15th B:18th Jul 1808 37yrs decline

W/of James blanket merchant of St Peters Sq

BROWN Ann D:15th B: 18thAug 1808 9yrs Water in The Head

D/of Mr Fountain merchant of Park Place.

REINHARDT John D:26th B:28th Aug 1808 9mth weakness

S/of Johann Christian druggist back of the shambles

KEMP Robert D:27th Aug B:1st Sep 25yrs fit linen draper Briggate

CRAWSHAW Margaret B:14th Nov 21yrs decline W/of John late of Beeston

Now of Sandall Sis/of Eliza Hodgson Bu Feb 1800.

INKERSLEY Catherine D:12th B:14th Dec 5yrs scarlet fever

D/of Thomas merchant of Park Sq.


BAYNES Ann D:15th B:20th Jan 65yrs Age & Asthma Gentlewoman of East prade

MANKS Catherine B:1st Feb 9mth D/of James

WAINWRIGHT Elizabeth D:25th B:28th Feb 33yrs consumpiton.

D/of james Barstow Skircoat Halifax.

TURNER Alice D:3rd B:9thMar 79yrs old age widow of Park Row Leeds

READE Ann D:3rd B:6th apr 20mth hooping cough

D/of Thomas Bancroft merchant in Leeds.

SADLER James D:1st B:4th May 7yrs meazles.

S/of Benjamin linen draper in Leeds.

PETTERSON Mary D:12th B:16th Dec 72yrs


NELSON Sabra D:6th B:10thJan 67yrs. W/of Jacob near Jacob's Well Leeds

SMITH John D:12th B:15th Jan 55yrs age & infirm constitution

Attorney At Law East Parade Leeds

RHODES Martha D:28th B:30thJan 29yrs Child bed W/of Abraham merchant

BERWICK James D:20th B:24th Apr 46yrs decline. Tobaccos of Pleasant Dairy Leeds

GOTT Elizabeth D:& B: June W/of William Burley NR Leeds

WAINWRIGHT Ann D:8th B:13th Jul 30yrs consumption

W/of Jonathan merchant of Leeds

GOTT William D:29thNov B:3rd Dec inflammation in the bowels of Burley.

MAXWELL Charlotte D:17th B:19thDec 28yrs meazles D/of ?? of Scotland


ATKINSON The Rev Miles D: 6th B: 12th Feb 1811 70yrs Diseased Liver.

Minister of this church Vicar of Kippax & Lecturer of the P/C in Leeds

ATKINSON William D:20th B:25th Feb 1811 29yrs Typhus Fever.

5th S/of the above Rev Miles Atkinson

HOLMES Henry D:8th B:12th May 1811 77yrs Old Age .Gentleman of Leeds

STROTHER Thomas D:8th Aug 1811 34yrs Consumption. Merchant Leeds

MAXWELL George Ferres D: 11th B: 14 Aug 1811 11yrs Water in the head.

S/of Lieut: Col:Maxwell Paymaster of the Leeds district

RICHARDSON James D:31stAug B:5th Sept 1811 57yrs Palsy.

Attorney at Law Late of Leeds but now of Rothwell


KIRSHAW Mrs D:5th B:7th Jan 1812 Maiden Lady of Leeds age ? Old Age.

SMITH Mrs Mary D:3rd B:5th Aug 1812 Age 29yrs Consumption.

D/of Jervis Marshall of Leeds Hosier

WAINWRIGHT Jonathan D:27th B:30th Sep 1812 41yrs Consumption Merchant Leeds

KECK Master Henry Anthony D:23rdB:26th Nov 1812 16yrs Diseased Mesentery.

S/of Bazel Anthony Esq of Park Square Leeds Gent


CAMPBELL Elizabeth D;3rd B:8th Feb 1813 35yrs Child Birth.

W/of Col: Campbell Commander of Leeds district

HUDSON Albert Bu:6th Mar 1813 8 Mths S/of Edward

BROWN Mary Bu:14th Dec 1813 13yrs D/off Charles Hunslet Lane


MANKS William Arthur Wellington Bu:28th Apr 1814 1yr & 9mths.

S/of James of Carr Place

MAPOTHER William B:27th May 1814 Decline. Lieut: 84th Reg: of Foot

S/of Charles Esg: Surgeon to the Leeds district

BOYD Frances Bu:22 Jul 1814 79yrs. Wid/of William Esq: Hunslet Lane

BULKLEY Augusta B:18th Sep 1814 17yrs.D: at Miss Sigston's School Park Row


THACKRAY Frances Bu:14th Jul 1815 24yrs. W/of George Merchant

HARDESTY Sarah B:7th Sep 1815 80yrs. Wid/of Edward Park Square

CRAWSHAW Sarah Ellen B: 11th Sep 1815 26yrs W/of Samuel Park Square .

BROOKE Elizabeth B:23rd Sep 1815 78yrs.Wid/of Robert Esq: Killingbeck

GREENWOOD William B:16 Nov 1815 61yrs. Boar Lane

TAYLOR Ann B:26 Nov 1815 69yrs. Wid/ William Boar Lane

HARRINGTON Henry B:30th Nov 1815 22yrs. S/of Robert M.D. Carlisle


PETTERSON William Bu:13 Jan 1816 76yrs. Headingley

WORSWICK William Bu:28 Jan 1816 33yrs S/of John Woodhouse Lane .

CAMPBELL Mary Bu:31stJan 1816 12yrs.D/of the General Park Row

(Miss Dibb's School)

KENDELL Charles Bu:8th Mar 1816 9 mths S/of John Park Row

REINHARDT Thomas Bu:6 May 1816 Infant. S/of Mr of Cross Parish

BRACKEN Elizabeth Bu:4th Jul 1816 74yrs. Widow Garland Fold

READE Robert B:25th Jul 1816 1yr 1 mth

S/of Thomas Shaw Bancroft Park Place Leeds


BELLHOUSE Ann B:28thJan 1817 32yrs. W/of William Park Place

MANKS James B:16th Feb 1817 11days S/of James Park Square

WOOD William B:25th Feb 1817 46yrs .New Street

TAYLOR Mary B:27th Mar 1817 47yrs. W/of Jonathan r Commercial Street

REINHARDT Ann B:11 May 1817 36yrs. W/of Johann Christian Cross Parish

STOREY Mary B:6th Jun 1817 66yrs. Widow Albion Street

RAYNARD Robert B:8th Dec 1817 48yrs. Shipscar

PARKER Alexander B 27th Dec 1817 18yrs. S/of Timothy


KECK Jane Bu:2nd Jan 1818 64yrs. W/of Basil Anthony Park Square

HIRST Dinah B:26th Jan 1818 40yrs. W/of Thomas Woodhouse Lane

NUTTALL Mary B:11th Jun 1818 66yrs. Park Square

HIRST Ellen B:13th Jun 1818 14yrs. School Close

READ John Gould B:13th Jun 1818 57yrs Bean Ing

CASS Elizabeth B:25 Jul 1818 44yrs .W/of Anthony Surgeon Albion Street

JOHNSTONE Bell B:12 Sep 1818 14yrs D/of John Robert St James Street

HAGUE Samuel B:16th Oct 1818 65yrs. Park Row

RICHARDSON Harriot B:23 Dec 1818 26yrs. D/of Mary Queen Square


HEY William Esq: B:27th Mar 1819 82yrs. Albion Street

SHAW Joseph B:28th May 1819 20yrs S/of Joseph Esq: Park Place

WALKER Mary D:9thJul B:2ndAug 68yrs. W/of Rev George 25 Lucas Nicholson Park Sq.

PALEY Agnes Bu:12th Aug 72yrs Wid/of Richard East Parade.

PETTERSON William Henry Bu: 20th Nov 27yrs of Potter Newton.

ISAAC Ann Bu: 25th Nov 78yrs Boar Lane.




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