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Wesley St Burial Ground

War Memorial

Sacred to the Memory of the Men from this Parish who Laid Down Their Lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918
John Ackroyd  
James E Allott  
Norman W Armitage  
Ted Armitage  
Herbert Ashby  
Harry Asquith  
John W Asquith  
Arthur Audsley  
Edgar Audsley  
Fred Beetham  
Harry Beetham  
Alfred Bilbrough  
Fred Blackburn  
Vincent Brook  
David Butterfield  
William Chappel  
George Colbeck  
George A Deighton  
Ernest Dews  
Fred Dews  
Hubert Dews  
Willie Dews  
Edwin B Dickson  
Joe Dixon  
H Thornton Drake  
Jim Fox Elliott  
Harry Ellis  
George Arthur Ely  
Thomas Felton  
Claude Fisher  
Harry Fothergill  
James Frudd  
Harry H Furness  
William F Gee  
Frank Goldthorpe  
Harvey Grace  
Thomas W Green  
Oswald Grogan  
Thomas Grogan  
Jojn Edwin Guest  
Victor Gummerson  
George W Haigh  
Benjamin W Hall  
John K Hanson  
Walter Hanson  
Louis Harrison  
Harry Hemingway  
Irwin Hinchliffe  
Wilton H Illingworth  
Herbert Illingworth  
Herbert Jackson  
George E Jessop  
Joseph Kitson  
Fred Laycock  
John M Lucas  
Clifford Manners  
James H Matthews  
Alfred Naylor  
George A Onion  
Fred Sykes Parker  
William H Phillips  
Edwin S Pickard  
Edgar Pickles  
Fred W Richardson  
Fred Robinson  
James Ryan  
George W Sharpe  
Fred Smith  
George Smith  
Oliver Smith  
Willie Smith  
Clifford Spedding  
C Summerscales  
Harry Swallow  
Arthur Sykes  
Fred Talbot  
James F Taylor  
Albert Teale  
Edward Teale  
Herbert Terry  
Arthur Todd  
Herbert Vickers  
Wilfred Wainwright  
Clifford Walker  
Harry Walker  
Ernest Webster  
Clifford C Whitworth  
George Wilby  
Thomas W Wilkinson  
Lawrence Wilkinson  

The men that worked for England they have their graves at home and bees and birds of England above the cross can roam.

But they that fought for England, following a falling star. Alas, alas, for England they have their graves afar

extract from a poem by G K Chesterton






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