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South Elmsall War Memorial


To The Glory of God This Cross is Erected in Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives from South Elmsall and Moorthorpe in The World Wars 1914-1918 ~ 1939-1945

Rank Name Additional Information
Pte S Ansell  
PO G H Arundel  
Sgt H Attwood  
Pte G F Baddiley  
Cpl R Bamling  
Pte H Barber  
Sapr C Barlow  
Cpl C Boocock  
Pte E Bough  
Pte A Bowskill  
Sec Lt W R Bradbury  
L Cpl W S Bradder  
Pte C N Brooke  
Pte J Brothwood  
Pte H Brown  
Pte J Cairns  
Sgt A Carris  
Pte W Cassell  
Pte H Castle  
Pte T Chester  
Pte E H Clayton  
L Sgt W Clempson  
Cpl J W Clowson  
Sgt S Cooper  
Pte J W Connolly  
Qr Sgt Maj H Cook  
Pte W Cope  
Pte G Crossley  
Pte G B Crossley  
Pte A Crossley  
L Cpl G H Cummings  
Pte H Curtis  
Cpl M W Dalton  
Cpl J Dixon  
L Cpl W E Davison  
Pte E Daniels  
Pte F Daniels  
Pte W Daniels  
Pte G Dixon  
Pte W Dixon  
Pte J Drake  
Pte W Durkin  
PO W R Durkin  
Pte W Dutchman  
L Cpl A W Donaldson  
Sgt R H Edwards  
L Cpl G Elliott  
Pte G Elwell  
Pte A Exley  
Pte O W Exley  
Pte G Eyre  
Pte E H Fenton  
Pte H W Fenton  
Pte G Fretwell  
Pte J E Germain  
Sapr H Gibson  
Gnr B Gissop  
Pte A Grantham  
Pte W Gray  
AB J C H Griffiths  
Cpl H Hall  
Pte J Hall  
Pte R Hall  
Pte T Harrison  
L Cpl F Harris  
Pte G Hazlehurst  
Pte P R Hinds  
Pte W H Holmes  
Pte E S Hornsby  
L Cpl A Horton  
L Cpl B Humphries  
Pte G Jarvis  
Pte J W Jarvis  
Cpl T Johnson  
L Cpl A C Jones  
Pte R Jones  
Pte J Joyce  
Pnr T Kirkby  
Pte A Kitchen  
Pte H Liall  
Pte R List  
Cpl L W Lockett  
Pte A Lockwood  
L Cpl B Marchington  
Pte W G Marriott  
Gnr W O Marr  
Pte C Medd  
Pte B T Melling  
Pte T Micklefield  
Pte A H Miles  
L Cpl J W Millward  
AB A Milner  
Pte E Minett  
Pte G E Morley  
L Cpl J Morley  
Pte H Morris  
L Cpl W Mountain  
Cpl A Munn  
Pte C Myers  
Pte J Narey  
Pte L Nettleton  
Cpl A Nicholson  
Pte G Nicholls  
Pte H E Nicklin  
AB J Norris  
Gnr E M Nowell  
Pte J Nowell  
Pte M O'Connor  
Gnr T O'Malley  
Pte P S G Outlaw  
AB J Parker  
Pte J Parsons  
Pte H E Pashley  
Pte W W Percival  
Pte J Piggott  
Sgt E Piper  
L Cpl T Price  
Pte A E Price  
Pte L Priestley  
Pte J Ragan  
Pnr W Ramsden  
Bombr J Rattigan  
Pte W Rhodes  
Pte T Roberts  
Pte G E Roberts  
Pte E Rodgers  
Pte H Rodgers  
Pte L E Rontree  
Pte A Rowley  
Pte F Ryalls  
Pte W Ryalls  
Pnr R Saxon  
Pte A W Scorsby  
WO (RNA) A Slater  
Pnr D Smith  
Pte S Smith  
Pte T Smith  
Pte H Snowden  
Pte W M Spink  
AB J Stables  
Pte W Stanton  
Pte W Stoker  
Pte A Street  
Pte B Street  
Pte J Sugden  
L Cpl L Sutton  
Pte H Taylor  
Pte N Teague  
Pte E Thomas  
Pte G H Thomas  
Pte J Thompson  
Pte F Tomlin  
Sgt J Twigg  
Lt J N Walker  
Cpl A Walters  
Pte J R Walton  
Gnr W Wanless  
Pte M Ward  
Pte J Watins  
Pte A Welch  
Pte J Westwood  
Pte J White  
L Cpl T Williamson  
Sgt Maj H A Winwood  
Pte H Wood  
Pte J W Wood  
Pte E Wray  
Pte H Wright  
Pnr J Wright  
1939 - 1945
Flt Mech J Armishaw  
O/S C S Atkinson RN  
Cpl R Bamling  
Cpl L A Bates  
A/C G H Bessant  
Gnr A J Bird  
Dvr W F Birkin  
Pte W Brooke  
Pte J Brown  
Sgt J Carney  
Cpl W Carrington  
Gnr C Catton  
Tpr W H Charlesworth  
Gnr E Clayton  
Gnr G A Coates  
SCMI D A Cooper  
Pte D Counsell  
Stkr H Crossley RN  
Gdsman S Davies  
Pte L Farmery  
Sgt H Findler  
Cpl A Fisher  
Tpr M Gamble  
Pte F Glover  
L Cpl R W Gough  
Cpl C Greasley  
Pte J W Hale  
Ghr T Hammond  
Cpl R Hancock  
Pte G Hatto  
Dvr H Kirk  
Pte A Lee  
Pre W R Longden  
Sgt Wo Ag H Lyrgill  
AB G A Maxfield RN  
Plr Ofr F McCreavy  
Sgt Wo Ag H Middleton  
Dvr G Newton  
Gnr B Pallett  
Pte J Parkin-Coates  
Wo Ag J Parsons  
Sgt V Picken  
Pte S Pollard  
Sgt Pilot C E Raikes  
Sgt G M Rhodes  
  L Rogers  
Flt Sgt D H Ryder  
Marine R Schofield  
Flt Lt L Simpson DFC  
Sgt F Stocks  
AB C W Stocks RN  
Pte J Stonier  
Cpl F Stubbs  
Sgt Nav C Sunderland  
Stkr W Tartt RN  
Dvr J Thonpson  
Pte G Till  
L Bombr C W Tinsley  
Sgt Nav A Tooth  
Sgt Obv F Tooth  
  Miss M Tye VAC  
Fireman A Utley  
Cpl A Wagstaff  
Pte S Wall  
Pte H Walton  
Gnr H Watson  
Pte A Webster  
Sgt Gnr J H White  
Gnr G W Whiteley  
Sub Lt J L Wilson  
Gnr J Williams  
Cpl F Worsnop  
Sgt Pilot J M Wright  
Sgt H Wyrgill  




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