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Anderson C T  
Archer J

John Archer, son of Fred and Mary. He served in the RASC as Driver T/274791 and died on 20 August 1945 aged 31. John rests in Lubuan War Cemetery along with over 1700 other casualties. John left behind a widow, Alice Maud of Sandal.

NOTE :- Lubuan is a small island off Brunei Bay, Borneo

Armitage D Douglas Armitage was the son of Ellis and Edith of Wakefield. He served in the RAFVR as Sergt. (air gunner) 1434609. He died on 25 June 1943 aged only 19 and rests in Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, The Netherlands, along with over 200 other casualties from both world wars.
Atkinson J W James Wilfred was the son of Ernest and Doris and served in the Reconnaissance Corps, RAC as Trooper 4690197. James died on 2 March 1943 aged 25 and rests in Beja War Cemetery, Tunisia. James left behind a widow, Dorothy.
Bowes C Clifford, born in Wakefield in 1919, served in the RA as Gunner 963776 and died on 18 August 1943 aged 23 and rests in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand along with over 6800 other casualties connected with the Burma Railway
Cannon W Possibly - William Cannon, son of William H and Florence Morrey. William served in the RAFVR as Sergt. 1017511. He died on 12 January 1942 and is remembered on the Singapore Memorial along with over 24300 whose final resting place is only known to their God.
Chapman J  
Davies R

Ronald Davies was the son of William and Annie Davies (nee Heptinstall) of Bagnall Terrace, Wakefield. William and Annie married in the spring of 1896 in Wakefield. In the 1911 census William and Annie lived at 35 Providence Street, a 5 roomed dwelling, with their 7 children, William's brother Samuel and Frederick - a nephew. William and Samuel came from Staffordshire, as did many other miners in the area. Ronald was the youngest son of William and attended St Andrew's Church School and later was employed at the Refuse Assurance Co., thus making him well know in the area. He enlisted into the York and Lancaster Regiment, the Hallamshire Bn, as 315060. He won his commision from the ranks in March of 1944 and promoted to 1st Lieut shortly afterwards. Ronald was KIA on 14 April 1945, some 12 months after gaining his commission, and rests in Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, with over 1500 other identified casualties(including Polish, Dutch and 3 former Commission employees).

A newspaper notice sent to me by *********

" Wakefield Officer Killed in Holland - News has been received by Mrs W Davies, 2, Bagnall Terrace, Wakefield that her youngest son, Lieutenant Ronald Davies, has been killed in action in Holland.  The first intimation was received in a letter from his Commanding Officer, who, in a letter Mrs Davies, said, "I am sorry to be writing to you on this distressing subject, but your son was killed in action on the 14th April last whilst gallantly leading his platoon against the enemy, who were firmly esconed in trenches round one of our main objectives. He had not been with us very long but as his Commanding Officer I had thought very highly of him in the few actions in which he took part. His death will be mourned by many here, as he had endeared himself to his men, being always cheerful and courageous in battle. In him I have lost one of my best officers, one hard to replace. He died a soldier's death for his country, and his death was not in vain, for his company was able to capture that position and those Germans who had not been killed were taken prisoner. In a further letter from the Chaplain it was stated that he volunteered for his dangerous mission. Lieut Davies won his commission direct from the ranks in March, 1944, and was promoted to First Lieut shortly afterwards. He was well-known in Wakefield, being connected with several organisations. He was educated at St Andrew's Church School, and prior to enlistment was employed at the Refuge Assurance Co. "
Additional info by Darran

Eccles A

Albert was the son of Albert and Frances. Albert and Frances (nee Geary) were married in the winter of 1904 in Wakefield. By 1911 they were living at Ash H, Jacobs Well Lane, Wakefield in a 3 roomed property. Also in the house was Lewis, Alberts 14 year old brother and John Geary, a nephew aged 3. All were born on Eastmoor except John who it was stated was from Westgate, Wakefield. Albert jnr served in the RN as Leading Seaman P/SSX22229 on HMS Dunedin and was killed on 24 November 1941 when Dunedin was hit with two torpedoes. The first hit sent the vessel lurching to one side while another seconds later hit the after 6" gun. Crew were blown off and men started to abondon ship, sinking within 17 minutes. According one source the U boat then circled the survivors but did not take any out of the water. Some of the survivors then sent out a roaring chorus of 'There will always be an England'. Left alone now, the men struggled to reach lifeboats and any floating debris. Over the next days many died due to the heat, exhaustion and wounds. All this whilst being circled now by sharks. The remaining survivors were picked up by a US merchant ship and taken to Trinidad.

Albert is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial along with over 24500 other seamen of all ranks whose grave is the deep blue sea.

Hall J D  
Holroyd J A James Alvin Holroyd was the son of Arthur and Miriam nee Freeman of Wakefield. James served as Gdsman 2665099 in the Coldstream Guards and died on 16 October 1943 aged 21. James rests in Minturno War Cemetery, approx. 78 km north of Naples, Italy along with over 1900 other casualties from WWII
Lapish J Joseph Lapish was the son of Jim and Alice nee Swaine. Joseph served in the RAF as Flight Sergeant 548892. he died on 11 December 1942 aged 22 and is remembered on the Singapore Memorial.
Margrave K Kenneth Percy Margrave was the son of James Willie and Hilda Ruby of Wakefield. Kenneth served in the RA as gunner 1504634. He died between the 28 May and 2 June 1940 and rests in Lille Southern Cemetery along with over 500 other casualties from both World Wars.
Race G A George Albert Race was the son of Albert and Laura Race of Eastmoor, Wakefield. He served as a Sergeant (air gunner) in the RAFVR, no 998929. He died on 30 January 1944 aged 22 and rests in Vollenhove (Stad-Vopllenhove) General Cemetery along with 12 other Commonwealth airmen
Roebuck J Jack was the son of Alfred and Kate Roebuck. He served in the Yorks & Lancs as Cpl 4748815 and died on 4 April 1943 aged 24. Jack rests in the Catania War Cemetery, Scicily where he rests with over 2000 other casualties from the invasion of Scicily.
Smith T R Thomas Raymond Smith, born in 1905 married Evelyn Jowett in Wakefield in 1934. He served in the RAFVR as Cpl 1040013 and died on 6 October 1943 aged 38. He rests in Wakefield Cemetery along with 114 other casualties of war who died on home soil.
Townend H Henry was the son of Walter and Mary Townend and served in the RAF as Aircraftsman 2nd Class 702908 and died on 28 May 1940 aged 21 and is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial along with over 2000 other airmen who were lost in WWII. Henry left a widow, Iris who lived at Belle Vue
Wade T Possibly - Tom Wade who served in the York & Lancs as Pte 4748396 and died on 3 May 1940 aged 21 and is remembered on the Brookwood Memorial, nr Pirbright along with over 3400 from both World Wars whose final resting place is known only unto their God
Webster A

Albert was the son of Clifford and Hilda. He served in the Royal Navy as Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class as D/MX 65348 on HMS Charybidis. He died on 23 October 1943 aged 27 and left his wife, Pearl.

Note :- Attacked at night by a German U-boat, Charybdis sank with the loss of 30 Officers and 432 ratings. Shortly after the sinking some of the sailors and marines were washed ashore on Guernsey where they were buried with full honours by the occupying forces - over 5000 islanders attended the funerals and laid over 900 wreaths. Each year a service held in commemoration

Wilkinson H H V Herbert Henry Vincent Wilkinson was the son of Herbert H and Leah Wilkinson. He served in the RAFVR as Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) and died on 22 October 1943 aged 31. He rests in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery nr Kleve, Germany, close to the Dutch border - 25km west of Nijmegen
Wilson K F Kenneth Frederick Wilson was born late in 1906 in Wakefield, the son of George Frederick and Gertrude Louisa. He served in the RAOC as Cpl. 7594518 and died on 2 May 1943 and he rests in Chungkai War Cemetery along with 1691 other casualties of the Burma-Siam Railway - over 13,000 POW's died during the construction of the railway and between 80,000 - 100,000 civilians died during the building of the railway.



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