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St Austin's Church War Memorial

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1914 - 1918
C Arundel  
Thomas Bagnall Thomas was the son of Henry & Elizabeth. Henry was a coalminer originating in Warwickshire and his wife Elizabeth hailed from Wendsbury, Staffs. In the 1901 census the family were living at Pullens Row, Stanley. Thomas enlisted in Bridlington, joining the Queen's Own, Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry and became Pte., 3269. He died at home, meaning locally on 6 February 1916 aged 21 and is buried in Wakefield Cemetery, where he rests with 114 other casualties of war.
John Banks Possibly :- John Banks the son of William and Elizabeth Banks who in 1901 lived at 6 Briggs Yard, Wakefield. He enlisted in Leeds, joining the Seaforth Highlanders and became Pte., 4681. He was KIA on 23 July 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to The Missing.
Joseph Bean Possibly :- Joseph Bean who was born in Knottingley and enlisted in Wakefield. Joining the KOYLI as Pte., 3/2563. He was KIA on 8 May 1915 and is remembered on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres.
John Blythe John was the son of John and Emily Blythe. In 1901 John was a boarder in Hoyland where he worked as a police constable. He enlisted in Wakefield, joining the KOYLI and became Pte., 3/1831. He died on 18 December 1914 aged 39 and is remembered at St Sever Cemetery, Rouen. His mother by the end of the war had remarried and become Emily Austwick of Statters Buildings, Warrengate.
Dan Bree Daniel Bree was the son of Dennis and Maria Bree who in 1901 were living at Connor's Buildings, Primrose Hill, Wakefield. Dennis had been born in Ireland and Maria hailed from West Bretton. In 1901 Dan was 15 and worked as a billiard marker. He enlisted in the town into the Royal Field Artilliery and became Gunner 174508. He was KIA on 30 November 1917 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial along with many others use final resting place is known only unto their God
Charles Brennan Charles, the son of Michael and Ellen Brennan was in 1901 was a visitor at the house of Ann Hutton in Leeds. Charles enlisted in Wakefield and gave that town as his place of birth. He joined the KOYLI and became L/Cpl 14955. He was KIA on 4 November 1918 aged 36 and is remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial along with nearly 10,000 other causualties with no known resting place.
Harold Brooke  
Harry Brown Possibly :- Harry Brown the son of Sam and Maggie who in 1901 were living in Volunteer Yard. Sam born in Wakefield worked as a plasterers labourer, while his wife was from Ireland. Harry enlisted in Wakefield where he joined the York and Lancaster Regt., and became Pte., 21682. He was KIA on 29 September 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing.
Thomas Brunt Possibly- Thomas the son of Timothy and Catherine Brunt who in the census are indexed as Bruns and living at 2 Peace St, Wakefield. Timothy worked as a miner and Thomas was 1 of 3 children in the 1901 census. Thomas enlisted in Wakefield where he joined the RFA and became Gnr 41087. He died of wounds on 24 April 1917 and is remembered at Faubourg D'Amiens Cemetery, Arras.
Bernard Burnley  
Walter Caveney  
Edward Clemenson  
Robert Clemenson  
John R Clift  
William Connor  
James Crosland  
Joe Crosland  
Michael Daley  
Allan Davidson  
James Dilton  
Daniel Docherty  
Robert Dolan  
William Dolan  
Thomas Evans  
Bernard Fallon  
John Foley  
Patrick Foley  
William Gaffney  
Charles Gara  
George Gollick  
Sam Gollick     M.M. Sam, was born in Ryhill Barnsley about 1895, the son of Elizabeth, who in 1901 was a widow working as an office cleaner to look after her family of 5. By the end of the war the family was living on Charlotte Street. Sam served as a sergeant in the KOYLI, no 3/3091 in the 6th Btn. Sam was awarded the 15 Star along with the Victory and British Medals but his family would have been extremely pround of the fact he was a Military Medal recipient. Sam was KIA on 24 April 1918 aged 27 and he is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial along with over 14500 other casualties of war.
John Griffin  
George Hall  
Edward Hartshorne  
Harry Haslegrave  
Arthur R Hawes  
John W Heptinstall     M.M. John served as a Lance Bombardier in the RFA, no 62884. His medal card gives his medal awards as Military Medal, 1914 Star, British and Victory medals and Clasp/2/2626. He was KIA on 24 June 1918 aged 26. He died at home (England) and rests in Wakefield Cemetery
John Hepworth  
John Herbert  
Thomas Hoban  
Alf Hodgson  
James Hosey  
Thomas Hose  
Edward Hughes  
Charles Jordan  
Michael Keenan  
John P Kelly  
John Kennett  
Thomas Lane  
Frank Layden  
Charles Lee  
William Marshall  
Owen McAuley  
Thomas McGee  
Peter McLaughlin  
Joseph McKenna  
Joseph McNiff  
Thomas Meehan  
James Morgan  
Harry O'Leary  
Patrick O'Malley  
Paul Parkinson  
James Quinn  
Thomas Quinn  
William Quirk      M.M. William Edward Quirk was born in 1883, the son of William and Mary. In the 1911 census William jnr worked as a railway signalman to support his grown up family of 3 sons and 1 daughter, living at 50 George Street - a 5 roomed house. William Edward served in the KOYLI as Sgt 242872. He was KIA on 28 March 1918 and rests in Gommecourt British No. 2 Cemetery, Hebuterne. His Medal Card states he was awarded the 1915 Star, the British Medal and Victory Medal but has no mention of the M.M. he is stated as having on the war memorial and on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Harry Rayner  
Harry Ridge Harry was born in Wakefield in 1896, the son of Henry and Ann. In 1901 the family lived at 6 Woods Yard, in the St John's Ward of Wakefield. He served as Pte 4325 in the 1st/4th KOYLI's after enlisting in Wakefield. Harry was KIA on 13 September 1915 and rests in Bard Cottage Cemetery along with over 1600 other identified casualties and one other young man from Wakefield - John William Dixon they were both serving in the area of the Yser canal sector in 1915.
John Slaven John was born in Wakefield and by war time was married to Mary. He served in the KOYLI as Pte 15345. He was KIA on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, aged 35 and rests in Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle along with 622 identified casualties - 1053 casualties are unidentified and known only unto their God
John Smith  
James Stephenson  
Thomas Sweeney  
Harry Townend  
Irvine Trotter Irvine Trotter was born in Wakefield in 1896 and worked as a pony driver underground in a local colliery. In 1911 he was living with his widowed mother Mary, and 3 siblings. He enlisted in Wakefield into the KOYLI and became Pte 15732. In 1915 he was in France and obtained the 1915 Star (other medals incl. The Victory and British Medals). He was KIA on 1st July 1916 and rests in Serre Road No.2 Cemetery along with over 2100 other identified Casualties
Thomas Trotter Thomas, the elder brother of Irvine was born in 1894 and in 1911 was also working with ponys underground. There are two Thomas Trotters in the records one served in the KOYLI as 23504 and rests in Ramscappelle Road Military cemetery after dying on 19 July 1917 and the other is Pte 14747 who was KIAon 21 September 1917 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing
Herbert Uttley Herbert was born in 1895 in Horbury and in 1911 worked as a coal trammer. He was the son of George Henry and Sarah - George also worked in the mines as a coal hewer to keep his family of 3 sons, 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren + 1 boarder. All living at Dawgreen Avenue, Crigglestone, a 6 roomed house. By the war Herbert was living in Wakefield. He enlisted as Pte 15484 and died of wounds on 3 July 1916. Herbert is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial and was awarded the following medals : 1915 Star, British and Victory Medals.
John Vasey John William Vasey was born in 1891 the son of Adelaide, a widow working as an office cleaner to support 3 grown up children, living in two rooms at 27 Back Hatfeild St, Wakefield. John on his enlistment papers gave his birth place as St John's, Wakefield. He became Pte 201163 in the KOYLI 2/4 Btn and died of wounds on 31 July 1918 aged 28. He rests in Sezanne Communal Cemetery
John Waters Possibly, John Waters born in 1875 in Preston who in 1911 had been married to Eliza Jane for 7 years and had 3 girls under the age of 10 and worked as a coal hewer, living at 2 Back Epsom Place, Wakefield - a 2 roomed property. John served in the KOYLI as Pte 21749 and died of wounds on 17 February 1916 an rests in Millencourt Communal Military Cemetery Extension along with over 330 other identified casualties incl. 5 German casualties
John Watson  
Fred Way  
Edward Webster Edward Webster was boorn in Wakefield in 1896, the son of John and Anne Webster who in 1901 lived at 50 Dewsbury Road, Wakefield. John worked as a coal hewer to feed his family of 5 children. Edward enlisted in Wakefield on 11 October 1914 and his age was given as 20 years 287 days. He initially was a Private in the KOYLI. He was promoted to L/Cpl on 2 February 1915 and later that year changed to the York & Lancs Regt., Later being promoted to Corporal. Edward was 5'7" tall and weighed 138lbs and had a sallow complection, brown hair and eyes. Edward served in Gallipoli and according to his records arrived in Egypt on 3 February 1916. Following that by June of the same year he was in the BEF and on 29 September 1916 he was KIA and is remembered on the Memorial to the Missing at Thiepval. His belongings, medals and his 'death penny' were received by his parents.
John Welch  
James Woodward  
1939 - 1945
Thomas A Bazzant  
James J Bonnor  
Austin J Burke  
James J Clift  
James H Coulson  
Thomas Coles  
Terence Cunningham  
Walter Daniels  
Edward J Elley  
Edward Garritty  
Thomas M Gledhill  
William Hale  
Mark E Harris  
James Haselgrave  
William Herbert  
Jack Herring  
Joseph Kilkenny  
Walter S Kitson    D.F.M.  
William Lyden  
Norman A Macauley  
Derrick T McDermott  
Francis P Nettleton  
John Nicholls  
Edward Parkinson  
Ernest A Partridge  
Francis Rhodes  
Edward Sweeney  
William S West  
May They Rest in Peace



The men that worked for England they have their graves at home and bees and birds of England above the cross can roam.

But they that fought for England, following a falling star. Alas, alas, for England they have their graves afar

extract from a poem by G K Chesterton

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