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ILMO, our darling little daughter Dorothy Victoria Simpson Lindley who died in infancy Oct 7 192 (no, missing) also Sarah Jane the beloved wife of Albert Edward Still and grandparents of the above who died Sept7 192 (no. missing) aged 61 also Darcy Simpson Lindley beloved husband of Eleanor Victoria Lindley who died Feb 16 1937



ILMO Hannah Mary beloved wife of Edwin Wilby of Horbury Road, Wakefield who died March 23 1903 aged 43 years also Edwin son of the above who died May 12 1891 aged 14 months also Edwin son of the above who died Dec 26 1902 aged 13 months also Cpl. Alvert Wilgy 22nd Durham Light Infantry (Pioneers) son of the above KIA France May 29 1917 aged 20 also the above named Edwin Wilby who died April 1 1924 aged 65




ILMO Henry beloved husband of Jane Buckley who died June 22 1906 aged 44 and also their son G W R (Willie) Buckley who died somewhere in France Apr 2 1918 aged 19



IMO Fanny beloved wife of Walter Ramsden of Flanshaw born 4 Oct 1856 died 27 Apr 1897 also the above named Walter Ramsden beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann Ramsden died Jan 31 1919 aged 64

ILMO Elizabeth Ann Ramsden wife of Walter Ramsden who died Feb 21 1932 aged 75


IHC of your charity pray for the soul of Joseph William Chadwick Priest for ten years and Vicar of St Michaels, Wakefield who died Feb 13 1882 aged forty ******* years




Sacred to the memory of Ann daughter of Johnathan and Elizabeth Micklethwaite of Alverthorpe who departed this live Dec 19 1856 aged 16 years


ILMO Joseph Norcliffe farmer, Goring House, nr Wakefield who died the 5th day of February 1846 in the 68th year of his age.  Verse .....

Also Elizabeth wife of the above named Joseph Norcliffe who died 27 Day of February 1852 aged 73 years

Also Charles son of the above named Joseph and Elizabeth Norcliffe who died 8th day of March 1852 aged 49 years


IMO Ann Maxon the beloved wife of Joseph Walton Maxon Vicar of Alverthorpe called to rest Oct 17 1886 Štat 57 years also of the above Joseph Walton Maxon for nearly forty years Vicar of this Parish called to rest FEb 6 1896 Štat 82 years also of Agnes Ann daughter of the above who died Aug 20 1922 aged 60 years


ILMO George the beloved husband of Sarah Ann Ramsden of Westgate Common who died Aug 26 1896 aged 63 also Sarah Ann wife of the above who died Sept 4 1907 aged 70 years
ILMO Elizabeth the beloved wife of William Sanderson of Alverthorpe who died Jun 19 1896 also Samuel Sanderson the beloved husband of Ellen Sanderson who died March 15 1910? aged 54? years also William Sanderson husband of the above who died July 16 19** aged 8* years
ILMO Jane Padget of Alverthorpe who died Feb 18 1892 aged 30 also of John Laycock who died Sept 12 1902 aged 49 also of Alice E Laycock who died Jun 6 1902 aged 3 y 3m

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