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To the Glory of God and the Grateful Memory of the Men of Stanley who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918

  1914 - 1918  
Albert Ambler
Joseph W Anderson
Terry Asquith
Charles Ball
Harry Barley
Frank Beighton
Lawrence Beverley
E Norman Bradley
Harry Bramfoot
Herbert Brooke
J H Brown
Frank Burkinshaw
Harold Burnley
Henry Clarkson
Spencer Clifton
Thomas W Dobinson
Norman Garrett
Thomas Gowland
Joe Hargreagves
Walter Harvreaves
William Harris
Thomas Hawker
H Stanley Hawarth
James R Hensby
Abraham Hepworth
Thomas H Hines
Alvin Holroyd
Tom Horan
Hammill Howarth
Arthur Humphrey
Edmund Humphrey
Richard James
Harold Littlewood
William Lunn
A Robert Moate
Joseph Myton
James T Newby
William Newby
Henry Nicholson
Arthur Norbury
Kenneth C North
Joseph E Oldroyd
George Peart
Thomas H Pickard
Robert L Porter
William Raby
Albert Ramsden
Albert Rose
Albert E Rishworth
Herbert H Sampson
Charles Spencer
Albert Smith
Frederick J Stageman
Alan Stead
William E Tate
Josiah Taylor
P Frank Todd
Albert Ward
Thomas Ward
Sidney Waring
Edwin M White
Herbert Whiteman
William Wilson
1939- 1945
Albert Abson
Henry N Balmforth
John Blakey
Albert E Philpot
Albert Ramsden
Lawrence Smales
Leonard B Stennett
William Summers
John C Sykes
Walter White

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