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  • Surname: Vallance
  • Dates: 1800's/1970's
  • County: west yorkshire
  • Town, Village: morley
  • Addional info: married pinders
  • Ee-mail: georgeseggs@yahoo.co.uk

  • Surname: Vaughan
  • Dates: All
  • County: Yorkshire
  • Town, Village: Pontefract, Featherstone, Normanton
  • Addional info: .
  • Ee-mail: pat26438@hotmail.com

  • Surname: Vaux
  • Dates: all
  • County: Canada
  • Town, Village: Yarmouth,N.S
  • Addional info: ???
  • Ee-mail: dinger1976@hotmail.com

  • Surname: Vaux
  • Dates: All
  • County: Yorkshire
  • Town, Village: Wakefield, Dewsbury
  • Addional info: .
  • Ee-mail: tmcilwra@eratos.erin.utoronto.ca

  • Surname: Verity
  • Dates: 1550-1800
  • County: Yorkshire
  • Town, Village: Woodkirk
  • Addional info: Stonemasons
  • Ee-mail: info@hanneyembroidery.co.uk

  • Surname: verity
  • Dates: 1781
  • County: yorkshire
  • Town, Village: woodkirk
  • Addional info: eliabeth was is wife would if any body know3s his fathers name
  • Ee-mail: susan@lesclegg.wanadoo.co.uk

  • Surname: vollands
  • Dates: all
  • County: west yorks
  • Town, Village: wakefield
  • Addional info: .
  • Ee-mail: nicola.metcalfe15@fsmail.net

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