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            Here is what happened on Saturday - October 22nd...
            It is day 296 of the year 2016, and there are 70 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

            1917,Joan Fontaine
     Today, this person is/would be 99 years old.
            1942,Annette Funicello, actress, mouseketeer.
     Today, this person is/would be 74 years old.
            1943,Catherine Deneuve
     Today, this person is/would be 73 years old.
            1952,Jeff GoldBlum, Ghostbusters.
     Today, this person is/would be 64 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

            1897,First used car dealership opens, London.
            1936,First commercial flight from The Mainland to Hawaii.
            1981,US National debt topped $1 TRILLION (nothing to celebrate.)


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