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            Here is what happened on Friday - June 5th...
            It is day 157 of the year 2020, and there are 209 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

            1723,Adam Smith, economist
     Today, this person is/would be 297 years old.
            1883,John Maynard Keynes, another economist.
     Today, this person is/would be 137 years old.
            1900,Dennis Gabor, inventor of holography (3D laser photography.)
     Today, this person is/would be 120 years old.
            1934,Bill Moyers
     Today, this person is/would be 86 years old.
            1967,Matt Bullard, Houston Rockets forward, #50.
     Today, this person is/would be 53 years old.
            1971,Mark Wahlberg, actor, model, rap artist.
     Today, this person is/would be 49 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

            1783,Joseph & Jacques Montgolifier demonstrate their hot-air balloon in a 10 minute flight.
            1833,Ada Lovelace (future first computer programmer) meets Charles Babbage.
            1849,Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy.
            1875,Formal opening of the Pacific Stock Exchange.
            1884,Civil War hero Gen. William T. Sherman refused presidential nomination saying "I will not accept if nominated nor serve if elected."
            1933,U.S. abandons Gold standard.
            1940,Battle of France begun.
            1947,Secretary of State George C. Marshall gives speech at Harvard oulining what became "The Marshall Plan".
            1967,War erupted in the Middleeast with Israel.
            1975,Egypt re-opens Suez Canal to international shipping 8 years after closing it because of the 1967 war with Israel.
            1986,Ronald W. Pelton is convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. He received 3 life terms plus 10 years.
            1993,Mariah Carey marries Tommy Mottoler.

      And Don't Forget...

                        Constitution Day, celebrated in Denmark.


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