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The Federation of Family History Societies

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Chesterfield & District FHS (email )

Waltham Forest FHS
Woolwich & District FHS
Lancashire FH Group
Ormskirk & District FHS
Wigan FHS
Waltham Forest FHS
Westminster & Central Middlesex FHS (see London & North Middlesex FHS)
Peterborough & District FHS
Mansfield & District FHS
Burntwood FH Group
Eastbourne & District FHS
Rugby FHG
City of York & District FHS East Yorkshire FHS
Irish Genealogical Research Soc
Orange FHS
Richmond-Tweed FHS
Shoalhaven FHS
Twin Towns FH Group Inc
Cairns & District FHS
Ipswich Genealogical Society
Tasmanian FHS Inc (formerly Gen Soc of Tasmania)
New Zealand
General Research Institute of New Zealand
New Zealand FHS Inc (email
South Africa
United States
Jefferson County Gen Soc
Bucks County Genealogical Society email
Other Societies & Associations
The British Association for Cemeteries in S. Asia - emails
The Families in British India Society
Genealogical Society of Utah (UK)
International Police Association Gen Group
Local Population Studies Society
Rolls Royce FHS - email
One-Name Societies
Alderson FHS
Beresford Family Society
Blanchard FHS
Braund FHS
The Brooking FHS
Bunting FHS
Cave FHS
Cobbing FHS
Society of Cornishes email
Dalton Genealogical Society
Clan Davidson Association email
Haskell Family Society
Holdich FHS
The Lin(d)field One Name Group
The FHS of Martin
The Moxon Society
Orton FHS
Percy-Piercy FHS email
Rose Family Society email
Serman/surman FHS email
Silverthorne Family Association
The Swinnerton Society email
Talbot Research Organisaiton
Toseland Clan Society
Witheridge FHS


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