Eton College - Rolls of Honour

Eton Roll of Honour
Name Rank / Regiment Left Eton Additional information
Lord Brabourne Lieut Grenadier Guards 1900 Wyndham Wentworth Knatchbull-Hugessen, 3rd Baron Brabourne, was the son of Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, 2nd Baron Brabourne and the Hon. Amy Virginia Beaumont. He was born in 1885 and educated at Eton College, leaving in 1901. He succeeded to his title in 1909 after the death of his father.He served in the Grenadier Guards, attaining the rank of Lieutenant. He was KIA on 11 March 1915 aged 29 and is remembered on the Le Touret Memorial
J L Knott D.S.O Major West Yorkshire Regt 1900 James Leadbitter Knott was the son of Sir James and Lady Margaret (nee Garbutt) who in 1901 were living at 4 Sydenham Terrace. Sir James being involved in shipping . James was KIA on 1 July 1916 aged 33 and is buried at Ypres Reservoir Cemetery along with his brother Captain Henry Basil Knott who died 7 September 1915 and lies next to James
W F G Baird Capt. Bedforshire Regt 1901 William was the son of Sir William Baird and Lady Baird of Saughton Hall. In 1091 he had been at Eton College and lodged with Hugh Macnaghter, schoolmaster and his sister Kathleen.He had married Violet Mary. William died of wounds on 5 November 1914 aged 29 and he is buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
R F Balfour Capt Scots Guards 1901 Robert was the son of Edward of Balbirnie, Markinch. In 1901 he was lodging in the same house as William Baird - that of Hugh Macnaghter and his sister. Frederick was KIA aged 31 on 28 October 1914 and is remembered at Sanctuary Wood Cemetery near Ypres.
G C B James Lieut S. Wales Borderers 1901 Gwilym Christopher in his last year at Eton was living with Hugh Macnaghter and his sister, along with other young men who are mentioned on this memorial. His parents were Gwilym C James and Elizabeth who were living in Mertha Tydfil - Gwylim snr. being a solicitor and Justice of the Peace. Gwilym Christopher died of wounds aged 35 on 23 November 1917 and is remembered at Rocquigny-Equancourt Road Cemetery, Manancourt.
H E A Platt Capt Cold Stream Guards 1901 In 1901 Henry, like others, was lodging with Hugh Macnaghter, schoolmaster, and his sister in Eton. He was the son of J H Platt and Mrs Platt of Prince's Gate, London. Henry had married Ella Carmichael in the autumn of 1911 and was classed as a soldier, poet and sportsman. Henry had been one of the first cavalry officers to transfer to the infantry. He had been KIA on 15 May 1916 aged 32 and is remembered at Brandhoek Military Cemetery near Ypres.
A G E Todd Lieut East Surry Regt 1902 Alfred Guy Edward Todd was born in Kensington in the winter of 1885. He attended Eton, leaving in 1901. Alfred was KIA on 23 April 1917 and is remembered on the Arras Memorial
G Weldon Capt Royal Field Artillery 1902 Geoffrey was the son of Edward and Gertrude Weldon of Tracey, Honiton. He died of wounds aged 30 on 25 September 1916. He is remembered at Etaples Military Cemetery.
H L Pollak Lieut Rifle Brigade 1902 Harry Leopold Pollak was born in the autumn of 1885 and left Eton in 1902. He also lodged with Hugh Macnaghter and his sister while attending the College. He was the son of Joseph and Emma Pollak of 21 Portman Square, London. He was KIA aged 31 on 23 October 1916 and is remembered at the Thiepval Memorial
F R Pollock Lieut Coldstream Guards 1902 Frederick Robert again lodged with Hugh Macnaghter and his sister while attending the College, which he left in 1902. Frederick was the son of Robert Erskine Pollock K.C. and Mary Viner Pollock of Kensington. In 1914 the family now lived in Avening, Gloucestershire. Frederick was KIA on 22 October 1914 aged 29, he is remembered at St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery near Ypres.
P H T Hoare Lieut E Lancashire Regt 1902 Percival Hugh Trench Hoare was born in the St George Hanover Square area of London - he was the son of H E Hoare of Henry on Thames. He attended Eton, leaving in 1902. He married W A M Hoare who later remarried, becoming a Cox. Percival died of wounds in January1915 and is remembered at Lancashire Cottage Cemetery. NOTE:- his date of death varies from 2 Jan 1915 to 8 Jan 1915 on various sources
J H B Hollings Lieut 21st Lancers 1903 John (Jack) Herbert Butler Holling(s) like many others on this memorial was lodging at the home of Hugh Macnaghter and his sister. Jack left Eton in 1903 and was the son of Herbert John Butler Hollings D.L., J.P. and Nina of Frimley, Surrey. Jack was KIA aged 26 on 30 October 1914 aged 26 and is remembered at La Brique Military Cemetery No. 2.
D F P Wormald Capt R. Garrison Artillery 1901 Drury Frank Percy Wormald is next to John (Jack) Hollings on this memorial, as they were next to each other in the census of 1901, both living with Hugh and his sister. Drury died on 4 November 1918 and is buried at Clive (All Saints) churchyard, Shropshire
A McW. Lawson-Johnstone M.C. Lieut Grenadier Guards 1904 Arthur McWilliam Lawson-Johnstone died of wounds on 22 July 1917
M V Pollock Lieut S Wales Borderers 1906 Martin Viner Pollock was the brother of Frederick Robert Pollock. He was KIA on 9 May 1915 aged 26 and is remembered at Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez
O W P Senhouse Lieut Cold Stream Guards 1906 Oscar William Pocklington Senhouse was born in 1882 at Ashley St Legers, Northamptonshire. He was the son of Humphrey and Florence Senhouse. Humphrey being a magistrate. In 1901 the family were living at Netherhall in Cumberland - Humphrey, Florence, Dorothy, Blanche, Roger and Oscar along with Miss Fleming Senhouse who was a visitor aged 72. Also listed in the 1901 census are numberous house and grounds staff. Oscar attended Eton Collage, leaving in 1906. He was KIA on 16 June 1915 aged 24 and is remembered at Cambrin Churchyard Extension near Arras.
C L Boxall Capt Hampshire Regt 1906 Caryl Lermitte Boxall was the son of Sir Alleyne Alfred Boxall, 1st Barronette and Lady Boxall of Cambridge Square, London. He was educated at Eton and later at Sandhurst. He recieved his commission in 1907 and promoted to Captain in 1914. He fell in action with his colonel, 5 other officers and many men during operations in the Daudanelles on April 25 1915 and died of his wounds on 4 May 1915 aged 27. He is remembered at the Helles Memorial, Turkey, along with over 20,000 fellow officers and men.
R W G Welby Lieut Grenadier Guards 1906 Richard William Gregory Welby was the son of Charles Glynn Earle Welby, 5th Bt., C.B. and Lady Maria Hervy (dau. of Lord Augusta Henry Charles Herby and Marianna Hodnett). Richard was KIA on 16 September 1916 aged 25 and is remembered at Soupir Communal Cemetery. The family lived at Denton Manor, Grantham, which caught fire and was demolished in the 1930's-40's.
T F J N Thorne Capt Grenadier Guards 1906 In 1901 Thomas Fleetwood Joseph Nicol Thorne was a pupil at Mulgrave School, Osborne Road, New Windsor aged 12 and born at Sevenoakes, Kent. He was KIA on 27 September 1917 aged 26 and is remembered on the Loos Memorial.
E Middleton Lieut Dorset Yeomanry 1906 Ernest was 12 years old in 1901 when he was attending school in St. Giles, Oxfordshire. His parents Hastings Burton and Charlotte Middleton were at the family of Bradford House, Bradford Peverell with Ernest's older and younger sisters along with various indoor and outdoor staff. Ernest was KIA on 26 February 1916 when he was 28 years old. He is remembered at Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery, along with 2720 others.
W G Martin Lieut KRR 1906 See Kings Royal Rifle Corps
E Majolier Lieut Yorkshire Regt 1907 Sorry no information can be found
W La.T Congreve V.C., D.S.O., M.C. Legion of Honour Major Rifle Brigade 1907

Born at Burton Hall, Cheshire, William La Touche Congreve was the son of Lt. Gen.Sir Walter Norris Congreve V.C., K.C.B., M.V.O., and Lady Congreve of Chartley Castle, Staffordshire. He attended Eton, leaving 1907. He married Pamela Cynthia Maude on 1 June 1916 but sadly on 20 July 1916 the month after his marriage he was KIA and is remembered at Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension.

An extract from the London Gazette of 24 October 1916 reads as follows :-                For most conspicuous bravery during a period of fourteen days preceding his death in action. This officer constantly performed acts of gallantry and showed the greatest devotion to duty, and by his personal example inspired all those around him with confidence at critical periods of the operations. During preliminary preparations for the attack he carried out personal reconnaissances of the enemy lines, taking out parties of officers and non- commissioned officers for over 1,000 yards in front of our line, in order to acquaint them with the ground. All these preparations were made under fire. Later, by night, Major Congreve conducted a battalion to its position of employment, afterwards returning to it to ascertain the situation after assault. He established himself in an exposed forward postion from where he successfully observed the enemy, and gave orders necessary to drive them from their position. Two days later, when Brigade Headquarters was heavily shelled and many casualties resulted, he went out and assisted the medical officer to remove the wounded to places of safety, although he was himself suffering severely from gas and other shell effects. He again on a subsequent occasion showed supreme courage in tending wounded under heavy shell fire. He finally returned to the front line to ascertain the situation after an unsuccessful attack, and whilst in the act of writing his report, was shot and killed instantly.

Note : 1 ) His VC is displayed at the Royal Green Jackets Museum, Winchester.

N B. Elliott-Cooper V.C., D.S.O., M.C. Lt. Col. R. Fusiliers 1907

Neville Bowes Elliott-Cooper was the son of Sir Robert Ellitt-Cooper born in London in 1889. He was educated at Eton, leaving in 1907 and attending Sandhurst later. He died of wounds while in German hands on 11 February 1918 and is buried in Hamburg Cemetery.

An extract from the London Gazette for February 1918 reads as follows :-     For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty. Hearing that the enemy had broken through our outpost line, he rushed out of his dug-out, and on seeing them advancing across the open he mounted the parapet and dashed forward calling upon the Reserve Company and details of the Battalion Headquarters to follow. Absolutely unarmed, he made straight for the advancing enemy, and under his direction our men forced them back 600 yards. While still some forty yards in front he was severely wounded. Realising that his men were greatly outnumbered and suffering heavy casualties, he signalled to them to withdraw, regardless of the fact that he himself must be taken prisoner. By his prompt and gallant leading he gained time for the reserves to move up and occupy the line of defence.

I B Sprot Lieut Cameron Highlanders 1907 Ivan Boyd Sprot was the son of Edward W Sprot of Drygrange, Roxburghshire. He married Nacy and was KIA on 23 October 1914 aged 25 and is remembered at Perth Cemetery (China Wall) near Ypres. His brother James William Lennox Sprot was also KIA the following month- 11 November 1914 aged 28. He was the husband of Romar Sprot of Sprott House, Dunbar. He had been educated at Winchester and later Sandhurst. He had also been Adjt. of the Chanel Island Militia priot to the outbreak of WW1.
F W L Gull Capt Rifle Brigade 1908 Franis William Lindley on all sources is stated as being a Major in the Rifle Brigade. He was born in 1890, the son of Sir William Cameron Gull, 2nd Bart., ( who was in turn the son of Sir William Withey Gull, Royal Physician) and Hon Lady Annie Clayton Gull who lived at Frilsham House, Frilsham, Berkshire. In 1901 Francis was a boarder at Highclere School, Southampton. His parents were at Frilsham House with his brothers and sisters plus indoor and outdoor staff.
G Messervy M.C. Capt Royal Field Artillery 1908 Acting Major Gerald Messervy was the son of Ernest Francis and Margaret Dyce Messervy (nee Nicol who had married in Kensington in the winter of 1889. Gerald was born in Ceylon in 1891. In 1901 he was lodging at Mulgrove House, Osborne Road, with Constantine C H Phipps, Marquis of Normandy. Gerald was KIA on 8 October 1918 aged 28 and is remembered at Noyelles-sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery Extension near Cambrai.
G G F Greville Lieut 4th Hussars 1908 IN 1901 George Gordon Francis Greville was a pupil at Wixford School, Wokingham and was the son of the Hon Louis and Mrs Greville of Heale House, Woodford, Salisbury. He died of wounds on 31 March 1918 aged 28 and is remembered at Moreuil Communal Cemetery Allied Extension nr Amiens.
J W E Egerton-Green Capt Rifle Brigade 1910 John William Egerton-Green was the son of Claude and Helen Egerton-Green. He died of wounds on 9 October 1917 aged 25 and is remembered at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.
A B Stock Capt Ayrshire Yeomanry 1910 Possibly - Arthur Roy Stock who died of wounds on 12 December 1915 and is remembered at Brookwood Cemetery
M A A Darby Lieut Grenadier Guards 1911 Maurice Alfred Alexander Darby was the son of Alfred E W and Frederica L Darby of Adcote, Little Ness, Shrewsbury. In 1901, Maurice, his parents and sister aged 19 were living in Little Ness with numerous house staff. Maurice was KIA aged 20 on 11 March 1915 and is remembered at Little Ness (St Martin's) Churchyard.
Sir G G S Baillie Lieut Royal Scots Greys 1911 Sir Gawaine George Stuart Baillie (Bart.) of Polkemmet was the son of Sir Robert A Baillie, 4th Bart., and Lady Baillie. He was KIA on 7 September 1914 and is remembered at Whitburn Parish Church, West Lothian.
J A Johnstone Lieut Royal Field Artillery 1911 John Andrew Johnstone was KIA on 20 May 1918
E D Messervy Capt London Regt 1911 Ernest Dyce Messervy was KIA on 20 July 1917. He was also part of the R.F.C.
A J Austen-Cartmell Lieut KRR 1912

See Kings Royal Rifle Corps

see brother listed below

G L Davies M.C. Lieut London Regt 1912 No further information can be found
O J Lawrence Lieut KRR 1912 See Kings Royal Rifle Corps
W F W Hill Lieut Royal Field Artillery 19132 No further information can be found
C H Hills Lieut Manchester Regt 1912 Charles Herbert Hills was the son of Co. E H and Mrs Juliet Grove-Hills of Kensington. He was born in 1895 in Gillingham, Kent. In 1901 his father was a Captain in the R.E's. and the family lived in Knightsbridge - Charles and his brother and sister along with over ten staff. He was KIA aged 21 on 5 September 1916 and is remembered at Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Belcourt.
C E Tufnell Capt Coldstream Guards 1912 Carlton Edward Turnell was the son of Lt. Col. Edward and Ella Bertha Tufnell of 46 Eaton Square, London. He was KIA aged 22 on 15 September 1916 and is remembered at Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval.
Viscount Wendover Lieut Royal Horse Guards 1912 Albert Edward Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington, Viscount Wendover, was the son of Charles Robert Wynn-Carington 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire KG GCMG of Daws Hill, High Wycombe. He died of wounds on 19 May 1915 aged 20 and is buried at Moulsoe (St Mary's) Churchyard
A R Backus M.C. Capt Rifle Brigade 1913 Arthur Ronald Backus was born in Lima, Peru and the son of Jacob and Caroline Backus of Canford Cliffs, Bournmouth. He was KIA on 23 September 1917 aged 23 and is remembered at Westof Farm Cemetery
M C Lawrence Lieut Coldstream Guards 1913 Michael Charles Lawrence was the son of Gen. the Hon. Sir Herbert and Isabel Mary of Rutland Gate, London. He died of wounds aged 21 and is buried at Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte.
Hon. G W E Elliot Lieut Scots Guards 1913 The Hon. Gavin William Esmond Elliot was the son of Gilbert John Elliot-Murray-Kynynmount, 4th Earl of Minto. He died of wounds on 6 August 1917 aged 22.
G H Austen-Cartmell Lieut Highland Lt Inf 1914

Geoffrey Hugh Austen-Cartmell was the son of James and Mary Affleck Austen-Cartmell of Campden House Court, Kensington. James being a Barrister. In 1901 the family were living at 31? Campden House Court - Arthur (see KRR)aged 7, Geoffrey aged 5 and Mary who was 3 along with a few house staff. Geoffrey attended Eton and Trinity College and on the 1911 census he can be found as a schoolboy aged 15.He was KIA on 13 November 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial.

NOTE : the CWGC give his rank as that of Captain

J C Grahame Stewart Lieut KRR 1914 See Kings Royal Rifle Corps
C J H Goodford M.C. Lieut Hampshire Regt 1914 Charles James Henry Goodford was the son of Henry Frank and Katherine Goodford. Henry was a solicitor and the family lived at 69 Frances Road, Windsor - Charles was 5 years old. He was KIA aged 20 on 1 July 1916 and is remembered at Sucrerie Militery Cemetery, Colincamps.
Sir E H Macnaghten Lieut Black Watch 1914 Sir Edward Harry MacNaghten, 6th Bart. was the son of the Hon. Sir Edward Charles Macnaghten, 5th Bart., K.C. D.L.of Dundarave, Co. Antrim and the Hon. Lady Macnaghten of Sandhurst Lodge, Berkshire. He was KIA on 1 July 1916 aged 20 and is remembered on the memorial at Thiepval.
C S Egerton-Green Lieut KRR 1914 See Kings Royal Rifle Corps
R Farquhar M.C. Lieut Grenadier Guards 1914 In 1901 Rupert aged three was living with his parents - Ernest and Maria and his brother Harold at 55 Eaton Square, Knightsbridge. He died of wounds on 17 September 1917 aged 20 and is buried at Canada Farm Cemetery. His parents stated at the time that they were from Whiteway, Chudleigh, Devon.
C J Dawson-Greene Lieut Grenadier Guards 1916 Charles John Dawson-Greene was the son of Henry and Violet Dawson-Greene. In 1901 Henry, a J.P. and Violet were resident in the hall plus staff. Charles died of Wounds on 23 April 1918 aged 20 and is remembered at Etaples Military Cemetery.
W H Gladstone M.C. Lieut Coldstream Guards 1916 William Herbert Gladstone was the son of Stephen Edward and Annie Crosthwaite Gladstone of Manley Hall, Helsby. William had been born in Hawarden in 1898. He was KIA on 27 September 1918 aged 20 and he is remembered at Sanders Keep Military Cemetery, Graincourt-le-Havrincourt.

.....When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today......


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