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Cannongate War Memorial, Edinburgh

Aitken, John
Alexander, Hugh
Allan, John
Andreoli, John
Attenburgh, Alexander
Barrie, Arthur
Barrie, James
Barron, C
Beamont, William
Blackie, Robert
Booker, Hendry
Borland, R
Boswell, John
Boswell, John
Bowie, Robert
Brannan, Thomas
Bremner, H S
Bruce, John
Bruce Thomas C
Burnett, Thomas
Burnes, Peter
Cadden, George
Cairnie, Alexander
Callaghan, John
Callaghan, Joseph
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, William
Cannon, thomas
Carstairs, C S R
Clark, Duncan
Cockburn, William F
Collie, John
Cormack, Peter
Corr, Hugh
Cummings, Thomas
Cunnison, Thomas
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Richard
Dalbetty, Godfrey
Dalgetty, Richard
Dillon, Patrick
Docherty, John
Dodds, James, Pringle
Dow, William, Adams
Dowd, James
Dougherty, Earnest
Drummond, William, James
Duffy, Hugh
Duffy, Thomas
Duncan, John
Devlin, F
Dunkley, James
Elgin, Charles
Elliot, William
Fallon, Archibald
Fairbairn, James
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, Robert
Firstbrook, John
Flannigan, James
Flannigan, R
Flynn, Charles
Forbes, John
Foulner, Alfred
Foulner, William
Fraser, William
Gallagher, Peter
Galloway, James
Gibson, David
Gordon, George
Gowans, Francis
Graham, William
Gieve, James
Griffin, John
Groom, Joseph
Grubb, James
Grubb, William
Guild, Alexander
Gunn, James
Halley, John
Hardie, John
Hastie, Robert
Haston, Alexander
Hay, George
Hepburn, W S
Hogg, Edward
Hope, Charles McK
Hope, David
Hope, John
Hutton, Alexander
Inglis, John
Inglis, William
Innes, Charles
Jeffrey, John
Jenkinson, James
Jenkinson, W O
Johnston, Peter
Kay, John
Kemp, Robert
Kearney, Edward
Laing, William
Law, Douglas
Hume, Archibald H
Hume, J
Lawrie, Adam
Loftus, Michael
Longmuir, David Kyles
Luke Daniel
Malcolm, John
Manning, Charles
Maxon, Edward
Maxon, Thomas
Meecham, A
Melon, James
Menzies, John
Meredith, John, Hendry
Middlemas, William, E
Millar, Alexander
Moffatt, A
Moffatt, William
Moir, P
Mowat, Archibald
Mowbray, David
Muirhead, John
Murphy, John
Myles, John
McArdle, George
McCallam, William
McCluskie, Robert
McCluskie, Owen, F
McCrimmon, Duncan
McCulloch, Joseph
McDermaid, Alexander
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Archie
McDonald, Thomas
McFarland, James
McFarlane, Peter
McGill, George
McIntosh, James
McIntosh, Peter
MacKay, John
McKenna, Patrick
McKinlay, James
McLean, Donald
McLellan, Murdoch
Norman, William
O'Brien, Thomas
O'Donnell, James
O'Donnell, John
Palmer, D
Palmer, Richard
Paterfield, William
Paterson, Adam
Paterson, Andrew
Paterson, Ducan
Paterson, Frank
Paterson, John
Pettigrew, William
Pollock, Robert
Poole, Robert
Preston, George, S
Price, Adam
Price, James
Purves, David
Purves, James
Ramsay, John C
Reid, James
Reilly, Thomas
Rennie, S
Rennie, Robert
Reynolds, P
Richardson, George
Ritchie, William
Riva, Alexander
Simpson, George
Smith, George
Smith, James
Smith, Peter
Spence, William
Steven, P
Stewart, George
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, William
Sutherland, George
Sutherland, Robert
Suttie, Robert
Tinlin, John
Thomson, Harry
Thomson, Samuel
Torrie, George
Turnbull, Robert
Urquhart, James
Urquhart, John
Vale, Edward, James
Vessie, George
Vessie, James
Wardlaw, Henry
Westland, Charles, McK
Whelan, Michael
White, Benjamin
White, James
Wilson, Alexander
Wood, John
McKinnon, R
Young, John



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