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Roslin War Memorial

To the Memory
of Those From
Roslin and
District who
Gave Their Lives
For Freedom
King and Country
1914 - 1919
Capt A G Miller FRGA (T)
  D Pollock       MM Cam H
2nd Lieut R J Dewar      DCM RFA
CSM A J Watts RS
Sgt W Barclay Gor H
  P Baxter Sea H
  G T G MacLean RE
Cpl H B Brown Sea H
  W Cameron Cam H
  J S Herdman SR
  W P Jack Sea H
  J Y Penman RASC
  W P Richardson RS
Bomb A Barclay    DCM MM RFA
L.Cpl G Affleck Cam H
  J Bell Cam H
  G Knox RSF
  J D Millar Sea H
  B Smith RS
  P M Wilson Cam H
Dvr A C Brown RFA
  R A Logie RE
  J Wright RGA
Gnr D Anderson AIF
  J Crane CEF
  J McGaw RFA
Tpr P Robertson DG
Pte J F Affleck RS
  J Archibald RS
  W Baillie RASC
  J Brown RS
  M Curran Sea H
  D A Finlay RS
  W Hannah RS
  G A Henderson Sea H
  J Johnston Cam H
  A Knox S G
  A R Lawrence Sea H
  S Lorimer RS
  F H Magfie Sea H
  A McBeath NF
  A McKendry RS
  J McKendry KOSB
  A McLeish RS
  W J McLennan RS
  A McNair SG
  P G Munro HLI
  W N Porteous NZEF
  J B Ramsay Sea H
  E Richardson RSF
  W Robertson RS
  J Shepherd RS
  A Wilson R S
Remember them also tho suffered death
1939 - 1945
AB T Clark Royal Navy
  G G Grant Royal Navy
OS J Miller Royal Navy
Sgt H L MacDonald RAMC
L/Sgt S M Elder RTC
Cpl W Bain A & SH
Gnr D W Grah BY
  J Penman RA
Pte G Gray RAOC
  D Barclay 2nd BW
  J Gilmour LGHG
  J H Hervey RS
  A B Jeffrey 2nd RS
  J Mercer G How
  T Miller RS
P/O The Hon. P A G St.Clair Erskine RAF(VR)
F/O J Affleck RAF(VR)
  I R C Hunter RAF(VR)
  A S Hunter RAF(VR)
W.O T F Hunter RAF(VR)
Sgt/AG J Bryce RAF(VR)
Sgt G B Donaldson RAF(VR)
Sgt/AG F Ferguson RAF(VR)
Sgt/WO/AG J Grant RAF(VR)
Sgt E S Young RAF(VR)
Cpl D Humphries RAF(VR)
Engnr R Hepplewhite Merchant Navy
1st Rad/O T Russell Merchant Navy



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