St Hilda, Egton
WW2 War Memorial

WW1 War Memorial

Roll of Honour
of the Parish of St Hilda's, Egton
Names of the men and women, who at their
Country's call went forth to serve in the war
1939 - 1945
Names Additional information
George Adamson  
D Anderson  
John Boanas  
J Breckson  
James Clark  
Ernest Clark  
John Cockerill  
George Cockerill  
Norman Cockerill  
John Dalton  
Rohan Delacombe  
John Duncalfe  
George Frank  
Ernest Fletcher  
John Harcourt  
Ronald Harcourtt  
Fred Hodgson  
William Jackson       ** There are quite a few W Jackson's but none that positivly point at the William on this memorial
Clifford Lewis  
F Pickering  
Edwin Spenceley  
Fred Spenceley  
Harold Spenceley  
Thomas Spenceley    * Possibly - Thomas Henry Spenceley who served in the Argyll and Sutherlanders as Lieutenant 201018. He died on 7 November 1918 and rests in Hamburg Cemetery along with over 2400 other Commonwealth casualties who died whilst prisoners of war
Walter Spenceley  
John Scales  
Kathleen Dawson  
Phyllis Fletcher  
Kathleen Grayson  
Annie Hutchinson  
Irene Kelly  
Doris Pearson  
Phyllis Pearson  
Olive Summerson  
Margaret Vickers  
Joyce Waller  

** Killed in Action        * Died on Active Service


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