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'Twas 'e nicht afore Christmas, fan a' thro' 'e hoose
Nae a creatur wis stirrin', nae e'en a wee moose;
'E hose war a' hung by 'e lum wi' care
In howp 'at St Nicholas seen wud be 'ere;

'E bairns war nestl'd a' snug in 'eir beds,
File visions o' sweeties danced in 'eir heids;
An' mither in 'er kerchief, an' me in me kep,
Hid jist settl'd in tae a lang winter's nap,

Fan oot on 'e gairden 'ere arose sic a stramash,
Aw sprang fae 'e bed tae see fit wis 'e matter.
Awa' tae 'e windae Aw flew lak a flash,
Tore apen 'e shutters an' threw up 'e sash.

'E meen on 'e breist o' 'e spleet-new snaw
Gae 'e licht o' forenin tae objecks belaw,
Fan, fit tae me winrin een shud appear,
Bit a wee bittie sledge, an' aucht tiny reindeer,

Wi' a little aul' driver, sae crouse an' sae faist,
Aw kent in a moment it maist be Auld Nick,
Mair rapid 'an eagles hiz coursers 'ey cam,
An' he whistled, an' skraich'd, an' ca'd 'em by name;

"Noo, DASHER! noo, DANCER! noo, PRANCER an' VIXEN!
Tae 'e tap o' 'e porch! tae 'e tap o' 'e wa'!
Noo dash awa'! dash awa'! dash awa' a'!

As win shaws 'at afore 'e wull heerican flee,
Fan 'ey kep wi' a bunkert, munt tae 'e skye,
Sae hup tae 'e hoose-tap 'e coursers 'ey fleed,
Wi' 'e sledge fu' o' toys, an' St. Nicholas tae.

An syne, in a twinklin', Aw hard on 'e reef,
'E prancin' an' pawin' o' ilka wee heef.
As Aw drew in me han, an' wis turnin' aroon,
Doon 'e lum St. Nicholas cam wi' a bun.

He wiz triggit oot a' in fur, frae hiz heid tae hiz fit,
An' hiz claes war a' barkit wi' aiss an' wi' sitt;
A fushach o' toys he hid flang on hiz back,
An' he leuk'd lak a pedlar jist apenin' hiz pack.

Hiz een - foo 'ey twinkl'd! hiz dimples foo blythe!
Hiz chiks war lak roses, hiz niz lak a cherry!
Hiz wee little mou wiz drawn up lak a bow,
An' 'e fuskers o' hiz chin wis as fite as 'e snaw;

'E stowff o' a pipe he held ticht in hiz teeth,
An' 'e reek it encircl't hiz heid lak a wreath;
He hid a braid face an' a wee roon' belly,
'At shook, fan he lauched lak a caup fu' o' jelly.

He wis brosy an' stoot, a richt jelly aul' elf,
An' Aw lauched fan Aw saw 'im, mauger mysel';
A blink o' hiz een an' a crook o' hiz heid,
Seen gae me tae ken Aw hid naething tae dreid;

He spake nae a wird, bit gaed straucht tae hiz wark,
An' fi'ed a' 'e hose syne turn'd wi' a jerk,
An' layin' hiz finger aside o' hiz niz,
An' giein' a nod, up 'e lum he rose;

He sprang tae hiz sledge, tae hiz team gae a whistle,
An' awa' 'ey a' flew, lak 'e doon o' a thistle.
Bit Aw hard him exclaim, ere he drove oot o' sicht,

Gordon Troup

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