Moray Libindex – e.g. John Younie

If you have family in the Morayshire or as it was called Elginshire, you will know of the Libindex.  If on the other hand you have just found your family there or the surrounding counties you may not know what a fantastic resource the Local Council have put on the web.

The Libindex is the Local Heritage Service’s index to sources of information about people, places and subjects relating to Moray.  These sources include archives from the 13th C to 1975, local newspapers, monumental inscriptions and a lot more.

The online Libindex is regularly updated and contains a people index upwards of 200,00 names.  The places index includes plans from the architectural collection as well as photographs.  The subject section is very diverse and includes topics on education, sport, archaeology and highway robbery.

Take for example John Younie, his entry in the Libindex tells that his father was William Younie of Scott’s Terrace, Forres.  He married Jane Audrey Forbes of Greenhill, Munlochy on 12 November 1921 in Inverness.  He died at Appleby Hall, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire on 13 August 1945.

This Moray resource for John Younie also gives the dates of newspaper articles relating to John i.e. his marriage, his death (2 newspapers) and his obituary.

Now, if you live out of the area, and many of us do, what a fantastic source of information is that, to have at the other end of the internet?

Well Done, Moray Council!

The Moray Libindex can be found by clicking here

The Moray Local Heritage Collection  can be found here