Arthur Waterman, snr in WWII

Arthur Waterman, snr in WWII ‘did his bit’ for his  community and was recognised for his efforts during this time.

Another entry in the Civil Defence Gallantry Awards mentions Arthur Waterman and in Case 2140 we find the following:-

Arthur Waterman (senior) – 65-70 years, 30 Fearnville Place, Leeds, 8.  Civilian, Leeds.

Civilian Occupation – Senior Partner of Messrs A. Waterman Ltd.,  Outstanding assistance in difficult and dangerous Bomb Disposal Work in Northern Command on various dates.  Recommended by – The Bomb Disposal Company, R.E.

No. 2 (N. Eastern) Regional Commissioner recommends – M.B.E. dated 28.3.44

Grounds of Recommendation – During the last two years, Mr. Waterman has consistently placed at the disposal of the Directorate of Bomb Disposal, free of all cost or charge, his own services and the resources of his plant and equipment i connection with the excavation of U.X.B’s in York and Hull.  He has also purchased on several occasions special plant for this purpose.  He has on innumerable occasions travelled at his own expense to bomb excavations to give 14 B.D. Company R.E., the benefit of guidence and experience, willingly incurring any risk entailed by the presence of U.X.B’s. All the operations in which he has so placed his services have been successfully completed.

Statement of Major A Cleghorn, R.E. – In June and July 1942, Mr. Waterman made 18 visits to excavations for U.X.B. in York assisting and advising the O.C. Company the late Major Bingham, R.E. regarding difficulties experienced in excavating in running sand.  He was present in an advisory capacity during the actual recovery of a 500 kg bomb on 6th July 1942.  Thereafter Mr. Waterman has up to date made 50 – 60 visits to Hull advising the present O.C. Company regarding 4 excavations for U.X.B’s, all of which were in very difficult ground to the presence of silt, which required the use of special plant and equipment.  Mr. Waterman was again present when a 500 kg bomb fitted with a 17A long delay fuse was recovered under very difficult conditions on 14th January, 1943.  The value of plant and equipment, including steel sheet piling cranes, winches, pneumatic driving hammers, and extractor gear etc., loaned to the Company, approximate £2000 in value.  (signed  Alex Cleghorn Major, R.E. O.C. No. 14 Bomb Disposal Coy. R.E.

 Statement by Brigadier Garsen – Mr. Waterman has voluntarily rendered outstanding assistance, both personally and officially, in most difficult and dangerous Bomb Disposal work in Northern Command. I consider that his services fully merit public recognition.  (Signed C. de L. Garsen, Brigadier, Chief Engineer Northern Command.

Miss J. M. Milne, Home Office, Whitehall, London, was again in receipt of communications, this time informing of the work and assistance Mr. Waterman has contributed.

A letter to Miss Hamlyn  – Miss Wormington has passed me your letter of the 22nd February about Mr. Westerman’s activities in connection with Bomb Disposal Service.  I think that the C.D.G.A. Committee might be prepared to make a recommendation for an ‘operational gallantry’ award such as is given for good service coupled with some element of danger. If you can let me have some statements ……………………  Her reply goes :-  With reference to our recent telephone conversation about Awards and Honours, I enclose particulars about Mr. Waterman who has given a great deal of help to Bomb Disposal.  If you still feel that Mr. Waterman might properly be considered for an immediate award, the Regional Commissioner would be glad if you would have his case brought to the notice of the Gallantry Awards Commission.  The Bomb Disposal Company are most enthusiastic about the help Mr. Waterman has so willingly given to them on all occasions……………….Northern Command would be prepared to support the recommendation.

I did omit from the original section that the Treasury recommended the M.B.E.  Another letter to Miss Milne, confirmed the Mr. Waterman’s full name – Arthur George Waterman and that he was actually awarded the M.B.E. which was Gazetted on May 30th 1944.

MBE via Wikipedia

MBE via Wikipedia

‘CENTRAL CHANCERY OF THE ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD, St. James’s Palace, S.W.I. 30th May, 1944.  The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the undermentioned appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for the following awards of ………….. To be an additional Member of the Civil Division or the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire:-  Arthur Waterman (senior), Public Works Contractor, Leeds.  For services in difficult and dangerous circumstances.

There is an Arthur George Waterman who died early in 1954 in Leeds – could this be our man who did so much to help his and other communities in Yorkshire during World War II?