FFHS Useful information 2016

FFHS Useful information 2016

The FFHS (Federation of Family History Societies) had issued ‘Our Really Useful Information Leaflet‘ and it is packed with useful hints, tips and over 180 societies  that cover the length and breadth of the UK and worldwide.

The on-line leaflet also has a long list of interesting and useful websites that could help with your research, add background information or just be of interest and be worth a visit.

If your family is from Britain or the Commonwealth? Were they a clergyman? Did they work on the railway or were they part of the military? Did they go to America, Canada or Australia? Or did they appear at the Old Bailey? Whatever they did or where they went during their lifetime you will find a website listed on this leaflet that will certainly be of help and aid your research.

As well as the useful websites, the leaflet has a section starting on page 6 giving useful hints and tips for those just taking the first steps into who the people in their family were.  From the ‘Where do I start?’ to the ‘What else can I expect to find out about my family?’

The 2016 leaflet has an informative section starting on page 16, focusing on Quarter Session Records in England and Wales – what a treasure trove of information is held within those records.  The records themselves survive in some counties from the 15th century and go up to 1972 when they were replaced by Crown Courts.

What can be found in the Quarter Sessions?  Crimes and felonies, Bastardy Orders (they can be very interesting), Settlements (who was moved from one parish to another and why), Apprenticeship Indentures, Matrimonial matters, Militia and much more.

If you are starting out in your research or have been researching for many years you will be sure to find something of help and interest within the 20 pages.

The Federation also publish ‘Our Australasian Really Useful Information Leaflet’, again packed with information relating to the area.  If you have family in Australia or New Zealand, it is worth having a browse.

The Federation’s newsletter, published six times a year is also packed with useful information and links – follow the link to subscribe.