Wakefield Soldier

Wakefield Soldier

I am sorry to say that I have not put fingers to keyboard for a while now, so having come back from a few days in Poland I thought it was time for me to get my act together!

Where to start?  So many things I have written down ready to research.  Who will be next? Who will have lead an interesting life or left a paper trail for me to follow?

While having another cuppa I mooched around the newspapers uploaded to The British Newspaper Archive site I came across the picture of a lady.  The title of the article was short and to the point – well, really you can’t even call the piece an article, it is more of a question. But, with all questions, there is an answer on most occasions.

Leeds Mercury 2 Oct 1916 via British Newspaper Archive

The Leeds Mercury’s heading on Monday the 2nd of October 1916 is simply ‘Found in the Trenches’, followed by this picture.

The Leeds Mercury continued ‘The photograph seen above was picked up in the Balkans, nearly a year ago, by a Wakefield soldier now serving there.  He believes it to be a Yorkshire girl.  Do you recognise her?’

I wonder, now over 100 years later, did anyone contact the Leeds Mercury informing them to the identity of this young lady.

Do you know who she is?