Book Review – Fred’s Letters by Jo Fox

Book Review –  Fred’s Letters by Jo Fox

Towards the end of 2021, the 11th of November to be precise, I was invited by a WFA (Western Front Association) friend to a book launch taking place at Elland Road. I didn’t know the author, but we did, however, all share a common interest in World War 1. My particular interest is in the soldiers, not the battles. So this book was right up my street.

Fred's Letters book cover

Fred’s Letters book cover

The book – Fred’s Letters by Jo Fox is an insight into the war of Fred Emms, a Leeds man who wrote to his sister from January 1915 to August 1918.

Jo tells the story through Fred’s letter and includes photographs, information on how the soldiers spent their days – either passing time or during battles. Jo in telling Fred’s story includes details on events at the time Fred’s letters were sent to his sister.

Not only do the 10 letters give an insight into a soldier’s war but also tell the reader how life and events carried on at home – home being the Holbeck area of Leeds.

To me, the battles, important to many WW1 researchers, are not as important as the men who fought. No matter what their rank or their status they were all part of a family loved by someone and part of a community that cared.

Jo Fox cares deeply that her great uncle Fred should not be forgotten. This book completes her task, Fred will not be forgotten.

If you have family who lived in and around the Holbeck area of Leeds or is just interested in soldiers’ lives and times in the 1914-1918 time frame, give Jo’s book a try – you will not be disappointed.

Fred’s Letters is £10 and is available from:
Etsy or searching Fred’s Letters