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See Your Past newsletter

Just received this newsletter and thought some of you may be interested.


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See Your Past
23 May 2011
When you are the President of the United States of America and you want to see where your ancestors lived they paint the whole town and roll out the red carpet for you.

We can’t promise quite the same reception awaits you but we can take you back to exactly where your ancestors lived and died. We have a dedicated network of Tour Guides in the United Kingdom and Ireland who will create a wonderful tour of all the places you have found as you have researched your family history.

They can show you everything that remains of your family’s past and combine this with places and sights which would have been familiar in their time. For every client the tour is unique. They may find a house is still standing, or a school, the family church, a factory or the local squire’s farm. Who knows?

This year we have taken people to bog houses and Elizabethan country mansions, courthouses and mills, churchyards and taverns and told clients of the area’s history from 9th century inter-tribal battles to 19th century Luddite Revolts. What is in your past?

If you want to see your past take a look at our website www.seeyourpast.co.uk and see the full range of services we offer, and then when you start planning your visit to find your ancestors tell us where you want to go and when and we will begin to arrange a once-in-lifetime tour you will never forget.

David Moody
See Your Past