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Edinkillie War Memorial


Erected to the Memory of the Members of the Parish of Edinkillie who died in the service of their Country in TheGreat Wars


1914 - 1918
Alaistair M S Cumming Logie
William Allan Carnoch
George Macbeth Calder Presley
Andrew Calder Dava
Donald Calder Dava
William Calder Dava
Thomas Campbell Darnaway
Duncan Clark Ballinreach
William Douglas Presley
John Durrant Dava
Lachlan Fraser Lurg
George James Grigor Drumine
Evan M'Bain Lower Ardoch
Malcolm M'Bain Lower Ardoch
William M'Bain Berryley
David M'Coll Conicavel
Donald MacDonald Relugas
William MacDonald Darnaway
Alastair J G Murray Relugas
Hugh M'Leod Dunphail
John M'Tavish Carnoch
Douglas Morrison Tomcork
Andrew Munro Glenearnie
George Munro Glenearnie
David Munro Berryburn
John Munro Lochanuan
Lachlan Nicol Sleawhite
John Ramsey Woodside
Alexander Robertson Dunphail
Alexander Rose Darnaway
Thomas Rose Downduff
John Shand Ramphlet
David Stirling Relugas
John Pirrie Tulloch Longlea
1939 - 1945
James F Anderson Outlawell
Robert Bruce Glenernie Lodge
George M Calder Presley Cottage
William J Davidson Glenernie Gardens
Robert Forbes East Lodge Dunphail
Lewis MacDonald Glenernie Farm
Roderick Macrae Glenernie Kennels
James M Murdoch Relugas


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