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Pollington-cum-Balne War Memorial


For God, For King, For Country. This tablet is erected by their fellow Parishioners as a mark of gratitude to the men of Pollington-cum-Balne who hazarded their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918
Additional information when available
G L T Baker - Captain
E Broadbent - 2nd Lieut
H Gardam - 2nd Lieut
J Durham - Lieut
T Salmon - 2nd Lieut
C Addy
H Anelay
M Austwick
J Austwick
C B Barker
H P Barker
C H Barratt
C Bateman
J E Bateman
W Bell
T Berry
E Broadbent
C Brown
W Brown
F W Brownbridge
A Brownbridge
H Burton
W Bywater
H Claybourn
J Cook
C Cook
G Daniel
W Ellin ?
P Ellin ?
P ? Garnham
A W Guys ?
H Goodridge
R Goulden
E Goulden
J Grimshaw
T Haigh
F Harrand
G Holmes
F Howdle
A Howdle
T Howdle
A Hill
T S Hickton
H Huby
F Hutchinson
E Lee
F Lee
E Naylor
W Naylor
A Nelson
A Neville
H Neville
L N Newby
H Poskitt
W Poskitt
C Richardson
W P Robinson
H Robinson
A Saynor
P Schofield
S Shaw
D Shearman
S Shearman
J D Smith
W H Swann
S Swann
B R Sykes
J Sykes
J A Taylor
S Thompson
J Thompson
G H Turner
W Turver
A Tyerman
A Welburn
H Whitham
J Woodward
T Wordsworth


The men that worked for England they have their graves at home and bees and birds of England above the cross can roam.

But they that fought for England, following a falling star. Alas, alas, for England they have their graves afar

extract from a poem by G K Chesterton


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