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Non-Resident births in Wakefield

What do you know ?

Your family came from London, the South or the Channel Islands.  You know they had children during the period 1939 – 1945.  Can you find their birth registered in that area ?  No !

Carol Sklinar copyright 2007

I found out the other  day that during the early years of WW2 families, women and/or children were sent ‘up North’ for safety.  As a result of that Wakefield had its population artificially risen, this lead to a rise in the number of births in the region.

Walton Hall, a maternity home in the Wakefield area had a great number of extra births with the addresses of the parents being London, Birmingham, other areas in the South and ofcourse, those families who lived on the Channel Islands, the only part of Britain to be occupied by enemy forces.

If you can’t find the birth you are looking for try looking in a wider area as they could have been Registered in a Yorkshire town.