WDYTYA – Who do you think you are?

The Who do you think you are?  Live, makes another appearance at Olympia between the 25 and 27th of February 2011,  there you will find  family history societies and groups exhibiting alongside well known commercial giants at this fantastic gathering.

As well, as the many stands there are a series of talks and workshops and a few celebrities will be taking to the stage including Ainsley Harriot, Monty Don, Hugh Quarshie and Tony Robinson.

So, go rummaging for all your pocket money, raid the piggy bank, make notes of what you want to do, which stalls you want to visit and what information you want to know.  Cancel all your appointments, forget the shopping, leave the kids to get to football on their own and head off to Olynpia.

To visit the WDYTYA website click here