Just for Interest

Just for interest!

While searching the web for John Younie, a relative who worked in the Indian Civil Service. During his service, he was Superintendent ICS of Chittagong Hill Tracts, later in charge of the Barrackpore Sub Division in the 24 Parangas District. He was later IC Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector and given orders to act as Cantonment Magistrate in charge of Dum-Dum in addition to his normal duties ā€“ looks like he was a busy man. He died while in his courtroom. He is mentioned on various occasions in The Gazette.

There was a newspaper in Google Books which was free, well, I had to view it didn’t I? On the same page as my John Younie in The Pioneer Mail, 22 October 1920, was the following death notice.

BEAUMONT ā€“ At St. George’s Hospital, Bombay, on the 1st October 1920, Eleanor Agnes Lydia (L’Estrange), wife of William Beaumont, Esq., of Wrexham, Ipswich, and fourth daughter of the late Major Frederick James L’Estrange, grand-daughter of the late Major-General Edward L’Estrange, brother to the late Doctor Francis L’Estrange, Honorary Physical to the late Queen Victoria.

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