Parish of Dallas, Morayshire

Years ago a very nice man sent me the 1811 census for Dallas, Morayshire and what a fantastic find that was.  My Riach family come from Dallas and the surrounding area and I was now able to find information about my family and add families that linked in.

The information includes :- Residence, Name, Occupation and Age.

In total there are entries for 199 families, that equates to over 870 people.

The same person also sent me Dallas, Morayshire Monunemtal Inscriptions – another fantastic webpage for people with Dallas families, including inscriptions for :- Riach, Miller, James, Grant, Masson,  Young and an inscription for William Grigor, USA in memory of his father who died in 1856.

So much information can be found within these two sources, so go on, have a look!

The 1811 census for Dallas, Morayshire can be found here

The Monumental Inscriptions for Dallas, Morayshire can be found here