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Now it’s my turn……… part ii

Just thought I would let you know how the recipe book is coming on………..fantastic is the word.

Since my last blog my son, Stuart, blogged, tweeted, twitted or whatever the word is about the book for charity and people who only know each other via facebook or twitter have donated recipes – Thank you, you know who you are.

Some of the donated recipes have a lot of ingredients and take time, while others are basic and simple and more important in this day and age QUICK – we all have at sometime a busy schedule, don’t we.

I thank you, the Twitter contacts who have taken time our from their work and training to send an email to Stu.

As you know the book is based on my mum’s college cookery books – well she has to have an imput, so the book is called ‘Lizzie Riach, with family and friends’, I think it sounds nice, cosy and family orientated and I have recently received a recipe from one of her nieces and a promise of more to come – can’t wait.


A couple of weeks ago we had a cooking / baking weekend and as a result I think I could have fed all of Stu’s Twitter contacts.  So, not only was their baking done but photographs were taken – you know sometimes you see a recipe and it sounds nice but we all eat with our eyes and a nice pictures gets you every time.

One of the trial recipes was for a biscuit, well we thought it was a biscuit.  With only the ingredients to work on and a baking temperature – not an instruction in sight.  But after searching a stalwart recipe book I managed to find a biscuit with similar ingredients, so off I went and they came out not too bad and after being left in a tin, I think they are drying out and taste very similar to a digestive but chunkier.  I can vouch for them with a cuppa and you can even dunk bits – carefully!  Now that can’t be bad, can it?

Note – the logo is not finished yet but thought would give you something to look at !  And please if you have a recipe send it in     tar